HI... friends, Call Us- 09910554167IT IS VERY SIMPLE AND EASY AND START WITH MINIMUM INVESTMENT AND EARN DAILY MINIMUM 2 DAILY ITS FACT.IF YOU REALLY WANT TO DO SOME GOOD THINGS PLEASE DO YOUR SELF FOREX TRADING, BECAUSE ONE DAY ALL SURVEY AND INVESTMENT PLAN WILL CLOSED DOWN... PLEASE CONTACT Immediatly..Mr. Kumar09910554167 Joining 7000-Start Trading 5000-Bainry 1000- Let's See...Indian Forex MarketMarkets are places where goods are traded and the same goes with Forex.  In Forex Markets, the goods are the currencies of various countries.   The Currency Trading Foreign Exchange, Forex, FX market is the biggest and fastest growing market on earth.  Its daily turnover is more than 4 Trillion Dollars.   Of course you don&rsquot want to purchase or sell actual physical currency.  You trade and work with your own base currency and deal with any currency pair you wish to.  You trade Online, anywhere, anytime. You have full control to monitor your trading status. Forex Trading is now available in India since August 2008.  It is the 16th largest Forex Market in the world with daily turnover of around 50,000 Crores.  It has been operated through MCX &ndash SX MCX  Stock Exchange Ltd. which is registered with SEBI Securities and Exchange Board of India and RBI Guidelines.  Indian Forex Trading hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm from Monday to Friday.Four pairs of currency trading are available for trading1.       USDINR  United State DollarIndian Rupees2.      EURINR  Euro Indian Rupees3.      GBPINR Grate British Pound Indian Rupees4.      JPYINR Japanese YenIndian RupeesYou can make profits in both directions upward direction and downward directions.  We will give you full training and easily you can make minimum 20 &ndash 30 monthly profits.We will provide you life time training, guidelines and support.Here under one simple 5 years accumulative compounding calculations for your referenceSuppose one person is investing Rs.10000- and making daily only 3 paisa, and his her 5 years earning is more than 56 Crores In Indian forex 1paisa Rs.10.Forex market is a derivative market here you buy sell the currencies in lots e.g 1 Lot price of USDINR is Rs.1000.  You can BUYSELL 10 Lots of USDINR in Rs.10000. Lot price may vary as per currency price variations  If you make 3paisa 1paisaRs.10- then your daily gross profit in 1lot is 3paisa x Rs.10 Rs.30-.  Brokerage is 1.5 for 1-50 lots and above 50 Lots brokerage is 1. Brokerage will be calculated on lots not on profits.   . You have bought sold 10 lots so your total gross profit is Rs. 300- Rs.30- x 10 lots.  Monthly 20 trading days x 1.5 net profit 30  but we say approximately 20 is your monthly net profit.  See the 5 years accumulative compounding calculations      1st Year Month No. Months Margin Money 20profit 3ps. daily Total 1 Nov 2011 Rs.10,000- Rs.2,000- Rs.12,000- 2 Dec 2011 Rs.12,000- Rs.2,400- Rs.14,400- 3 Jan 2012 Rs.14,400- Rs.2,880- Rs.17,280- 4 Feb 2012 Rs.17,280- Rs.3,456- Rs.20,736- 5 Mar 2012 Rs.20,736- Rs.4,147- Rs.24,883- 6 Apr 2012 Rs.24,883- Rs.4,977- Rs.29,860- 7 May 2012 Rs.29,860- Rs.5,972- Rs.35,832- 8 June 2012 Rs.35,832- Rs.7,166- Rs.42,998- 9 July 2012 Rs.42,998- Rs.8,600- Rs.51,598- 10 Aug 2012 Rs.51,598- Rs.10,320- Rs.61,918- 11 Sep 2012 Rs.61,918- Rs.12,834- Rs.74,302- 12 Oct 2012 Rs.74,302- Rs.14,860- Rs.89,162-     1st Year TOTAL Rs.89,162   2nd Year Month No. Months Margin Money 20profit 3ps. daily Total 13 Nov 2012 Rs.89,161- Rs.17,832- Rs.1,06,993- 14 Dec 2012 Rs.1,06,993- Rs.21,398- Rs.1,28,392- 15 Jan 2013 Rs.1,28,392- Rs.25,679- Rs.1,54,070- 16 Feb 2013 Rs.1,54,070- Rs.30,814- Rs.1,84,884- 17 Mar 2013 Rs.1,84,884- Rs.36,977- Rs.2,21,861- 18 Apr 2013 Rs.2,21,861- Rs.44,372- Rs.2,66,233- 19 May 2013 Rs.2,66,233- Rs.53,246- Rs.3,19,480- 20 June 2013 Rs.3,19,480- Rs.63,896- Rs.3,83,376- 21 July 2013 Rs.3,83,376- Rs.76,675- Rs.4,60,051- 22 Aug 2013 Rs.4,60,051- Rs.92,010- Rs.5,52,061- 23 Sep 2013 Rs.5,52,061- Rs.1,10,412- Rs.6,62,474- 24 Oct 2013 Rs.6,62,474- Rs.1,32,495- Rs.7,94,969-     2nd Year TOTAL Rs.7,94,969  3rd Year Month No. Months Margin Money 20profit 3ps. daily Total 25 Nov 2013 Rs.7,94,969- Rs.1,58,994- Rs.9,53,963- 26 Dec 2013 Rs.9,53,963- Rs.1,90,792- Rs.11,44,755- 27 Jan 2014 Rs.11,44,755- Rs.2,28,951- Rs.13,73,706- 28 Feb 2014 Rs.13,73,706- Rs.2,74,741- Rs.16,48,447- 29 Mar 2014 Rs.16,48,447- Rs.3,29,689- Rs.19,78,136- 30 Apr 2014 Rs.19,78,136- Rs.3,95,627- Rs.23,73,763- 31 May 2014 Rs.23,73,763- Rs.4,74,753- Rs.28,48,516- 32 June 2014 Rs.28,48,516- Rs.5,69,703- Rs.34,18,219- 33 July 2014 Rs.34,18,219- Rs.6,83,644- Rs.41,01,863- 34 Aug 2014 Rs.41,01,863- Rs.8,20,373- Rs.49,22,236- 35 Sep 2014 Rs.49,22,236- Rs.9,84,447- Rs.59,06,683- 36 Oct 2014 Rs.59,06,683- Rs.11,81,336- Rs.70,88,019-     3rd  Year TOTAL Rs.70,88,019  4th Year Month No. Months Margin Money 20profit 3ps. daily Total 37 Nov 2014 Rs.70,88,019- Rs.14,17,604- Rs.85,05,622- 38 Dec 2014 Rs.85,05,622- Rs.17,01,124- Rs.1,02,06,747- 39 Jan 2015 Rs.1,02,06,747- Rs.20,41,349- Rs.1,22,48,096-               Required Documents  1-  PEN CARD Color Copy 2-  ADDRESS PROOF-Any One     Valid Driving License     Valid Pass port     Ration Cards     Voter ID     Latest Two Months Electricity Bill     Latest Two Months Telephone  Bill  3-  FINANCIAL PROOF Any one     Bank Statement for six month With bank      enchantment     Salary Silp for sthe three month in current       Financial Years   4-  SINGLE PHOTOGRAPH5-  CANCELLED CHEQUE WITH SINGH.   NOTE-   1  All the document should be self         attested with Signature.2  Cash & DD Is not acceptable3    Third party cheque not allowed. Forex Dhamaka is an organization dealing in forex trainingForex Dhamaka Company is one of the genuine training company which provides forex training to all kind of masses. Our team has developed a best trading technique which is very simple and fast to learn.  Thanks & Regads,Mr. KUMAR 91-99105541  

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