call-- 91-9716206623                 NOTE    THOSE PEPOLE WHO WANT TO WORK ON SWASTIK THEN SELECT DISTRIBUTOR ID NO. & IF WANT INCOME WITHOUT WORKING BY THIS SYSTEM THEN PLZ. SELECT CUSTOMER ID NO.    for join as a distributer  S44018D for FREE Registration.for join as a customer  S44018D for FREE Registration.To company powerleg For more detail CALL  Notice Board Important Notice   TIED BUSINESS PARTNERSHIP PROGRAM APPOINT MORE PARTNERS IN YOUR CITY BUILD STRONG NETWORK COUNTRY WIDE ""SHOPPING POINTS"" FOR OUR CUSTOMERS GET ATTRACTIVE COMMISION ON TURNOVER EVERY MONTH Dear Friends It is the matter of pleasure that as per the vision and mission of the company we are going to provide another opportunity to everyone who is showing their trust with us. Every team leader must ready to meet the challenges to streamlining the business operation model of &ldquoTied Business Partner&rdquo in local area with a great vision to connect the whole India. In this processes everyone either our tied business partner or distributor or customer will be benefited in various ways. Our ultimate objective will be to generate business potential in local area by facilitating to our customers. Our dedicated distributors will play their vital roles to offer the partnership opportunity to local business brands in their area where our customer can reach easily and the concern party may serve our customer in better way. It is the matter of immense pleasure that company is offering new opportunity to our all distributors and authorizing them to appoint the tied business partners across the country with best negotiable skills and talents. Our team leader will get an excellent income 2 on the monthly turnover of the BV. In the first phase we are seeking tied business partners in the following segments with estimated expenses on marketing services provided by the company and our marketing channel heads PREFERRED BUSINESS TIE UP AT CITY LEVEL PREFERRED BUSINESS STREAMS ESTIMATED MARKETING EXPENSES TO BE CHARGED ON BILLED AMOUNT OF OUR REGISTERED CUSTOMERS FMCG Departmental Stores Range 10 to 15 of billed amount Electronics and home Appliances Showrooms FMCD Range 10 to 15 of billed amount Jewelry Showrooms Range 15 to 20 of billed amount Luggage and Baggage Stores Range 35 to 45 of billed amount Home & Office Furniture Stores Range 30 to 40 of billed amount Garment Ladies, Gents & Kids Range 35 to 45 of billed amount Automobile Sectors 2W & 4W Range 4 to 5 of billed amount Foot wear shop Range 15 to 30 of billed amount Hotel Industry Range 25 to 35 of room tariff or billed amount Restaurant and resorts Range 20 to 25  of the billed amount Petrol Pumps Negotiable as per great deal by our distributors Mobiles and Computers Shops Negotiable as per the product brand Optional Payment Procedures PREPAID SHOPPING COUPON In this option company will issue the prepaid shopping coupons to all individuals on their request. These coupons shall be used at the outlets of tied business partners. The tied partner will not charge any payment against billed amount raised by customer on order to purchase material. Tied business partner must accept the coupons as per the billed amount and ensure the entry of all coupons in the company software on daily basis. On the next working day company will credit the whole amount to the tied business partner&rsquos bank account not later than 12.30 PM after deduction of marketing expenses as per the mutually agreed terms and conditions. For the security purpose company will issue a cheque in the name of tied business partner and details shall be recorded in the agreement.   PREPAID SHOPPING CARD Under this option company will issue the prepaid shopping card to all individuals on their request. This option is more effective to do the shopping conveniently and facilitating to customers, tied business partners and also to the company with instant reporting of all transactions made at the outlets of the tied business partners. This method is more expensive to tied business partners due to purchase of payment debit machine and relevant software where they can check the balance in privilege card of a customer before shopping. On shopping payment will debit from privilege card which will instantly reported to company through electronic media and generate the automatic bills. Payment procedure is same as prepaid shopping coupon. All tied business partner must accept the cards and must allow purchasing as per the balance amount in the card. On the next working day company will credit the whole amount to the tied business partner&rsquos bank account not later than 12.30 PM after deduction of marketing expenses as per the mutually agreed terms and conditions.   PAID SHOPPING COUPON This procedure is more effective and trust building processes but suitable to local customers to collect the shopping coupons from the counter of our tied business partner. In this process our tied business partners enjoy the 100 risk free business growth on day by day basis. It is also to be noted that our customers make the shopping undoubtedly. Under this process company provides the bundle of coupons under the safe custody of our tied business partners. Our TBP makes the advance payment of marketing expenses at specific rate of total worth of bundle of coupons as mutually agreed upon between both the parties. It is also to be noted clearly that paid coupon means the payment against coupons has already received in advance by the TBP at hisher counter and no any dues at the company side to pay against shopping done by our registered customers leads. The coupons shall be available in Rs. 100-, Rs. 500-, Rs. 1000-, Rs. 3000- & Rs. 5000-Our registered customers & distributors can choose any type of coupon at their own will and may do the shopping as per their needs in multiple transactions from time to time or in single transaction. The printing of coupons will be done by the company which will contain joint name as SPEEDWELL and &hellip&hellip&hellip&hellip&hellip. the name of tied business partners. The coupons must be counter signed by both the parties with seal and must contain the terms and conditions of use of the coupons.   Terms and Conditions as per the agreement WE ARE CUSTOMER FOCUSED COMPANY AND WORK ON SOCIAL NETWORK BECAUSE OUR NETWORK PLAN IS A SOURCE TO CONNECT THE SOCIETY FIRST TIME IN INDIA COMPANY PAYING HUGE COMMISSION ON CUSTOMER LEAD GENERATION WE PROVIDE PERMANENT CUSTOMERS TO OUR TIED BUSINESS PARTNERS       MEGA DISCOUNT COUPON This is the matter of great pleasure that company is offering greatest opportunity to all distributors and customers to collect mega discount coupons on every fresh shopping transaction. It will help to pick up the handsome order size as well as assured buying order from the same customer to redeem or adjust the discount coupon within 180 days from the date of hisher fresh order. Ultimately our distributors will earn more income. Please find the details of this mega opportunity here is below MEGA DISCOUNT OFFER TO BUYERS It is the matter of great pleasure and fast promotion of sales activities across the country company is announcing &ldquoMega Discount Coupon&rdquo on every fresh orders. The discount coupon will be provided in 5 slabs which will support in fast order placement and order size may be big to avail the higher slab benefits. REDEEMABLE DISCOUNT COUPON SLABS Fresh Order ValueInvoice Discount Rate Total Discount Coupons 1 Unit Rs. 750unit Rs. 750- 2 Units Rs. 1000unit Rs. 2000- 3 Units Rs. 1250unit Rs. 3750- 5 Units Rs. 1500unit Rs. 7500- 10 Units Rs. 2000unit Rs. 20000- Note Fresh order means an order with full payment without redemption of discount coupon. Terms and conditions Maximum Validity period will be 180 days for redemption or adjustment of discount coupons from the date of order. On expiry of redemption period, no any adjustment of discount coupons shall be allowed in any circumstances. Discount coupon will be available in three categories i.e. Rs. 250, Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000-. Minimum order value to redeem discount coupons should be of 0.5 units for Rs. 250-, 1 unit for Rs. 500- and 2 units for Rs. 1000- and in multiple thereof. No any redemption or adjustment is allowed on order value less than 0.5 units. Discount coupons shall be given on all type of transactions. If order value is less than 1 unit, than shipping charges shall be borne by the purchaser. No any discount coupon shall be provided on redeemable billed amount. 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