Core Competencies required for success in MLM

Core Competencies required for success in MLM

Direct marketing in the current times seems to be a bit difficult. However, in the current scenario, there have been much advancement and therefore it is imperative that people in the MLM circuit make full use of their competencies in order to make an impact in this business. Here are three main competencies.

Persuasiveness - MLM member need to have quality to persuade the customers to try their products. Since MLM companies do not use advertising or publicity of any sort in order to make their products known in the market, therefore it is imperative that the person selling them is able to highlight the qualities of the product so that the customer can be influenced into buying them.

Personalization - Members in this business should be smart enough to personalize a product for the customer. There are certain products that the customers may not want, but the MLM person can still ask the customer to consider purchasing them if he is able to show other uses for it. For example, car-washing solution can also be used to clean window panes, kitchen tops, ceiling fans etc.

Pleasing Demeanor - It is important to maintain an amicable personality as there will be times when people will say “no” to you. People should not get agitated or speak in a manner, which is unfitting for the MLM members.

These core competencies can make customers come in droves in order to buy products from you and in turn get you more commissions from selling the products.

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  • 08 May, 2015
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