Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing or direct sales, is a business model consisting of independent contractors buying into a company. The contractor then earns a commission on the products they sell themselves, and the products that are sold by recruits that have joined the contractor’s sales team. The aspects of being your own boss and setting your own schedule are appealing, but as a marketer, you are charge of their own success. These are 7 tips for network marketing success that could enhance your efforts.

Find a Good Recruiter

The first person you will meet when finding out about a network marketing company will probably be your recruiter. Don’t be distracted by vague promises of success, ask for clarification. Be skeptical during the meeting. Make sure you know what is expected of you—how much product do you need to sell? How many recruits are expected of you? How many training programs will you need to be a part of? Remember your sponsor makes more money when you sign up, and they may not be as open about the whole process as they could be.

Typically, your recruiter will become your mentor after you sign on. Your mentor makes more money when you are successful, so they have all the incentive they need to train you well and make you the best salesman possible. Make sure your mentor is someone who will be available when you need help and be honest with you when you do something wrong.


The more successful your recruits are, the more money you will make, so being a good mentor is vital in the success of your company.Even after you send them out on their own; it is a good idea to be available when they need help with anything.Committing the time and effort to train your sales team to be efficient and successful will only help you in the long run.

Find the Right Company

The most important of the 7 tips for networking success is to find the right company, which can be the difference between success and failure. Doing research on a company you are thinking of joining is highly recommended, and a quick internet search can answer manyquestions that you have. Find out how old the company is, whether the sales are rising or falling, and the reputation of the company.

Look up the leadership of the company. If any of the leadership has been accused of scamming or being part of a scam company, you may want to look elsewhere.

Look up the kinds of products or services the company is selling. If the company is selling a questionable or dangerous product, you could face legal action down the line if taking part. Ask yourself, is this product safe? Is there legitimate researching backing these claims?

Check the Details

There are a few final details to iron out before you sign on. You will want to make sure you are signing up with a legitimate MLM company. Illegal pyramid schemes will sometimes pose as MLMs and you need to be sure everything is on the up and up. Some questions to ask are: Does the company make more money from distributors than the public?Does the company make more by recruiting than by selling?

Make sure to read your contract carefully before you sign anything. Take your time and really understand it. You can even consult a professional, like a lawyer, to make sure the contract is legitimate.

Is ok to not know Your Product But A must to learn Internet marketing

If you are going to be selling products to make a living, you need to know internet marketing. A true professional will know that the fastest way to reach out to people is via internet marketing. Product knowledge is essential to the way you pitch the product, however without the ability to gets lead it will all go down the drains.

Cycling Leads

In order to make new sales, you will need to find new leads. There are many strategies to finding new leads, and you should be using as many as possible to sell products. Using cold calling, business cards, ads online and off, and social media accounts on as many outlets as possible can help to build your list of leads in no time.

Once you have a list of leads, it’s time to follow up! You can follow up by phone or mail, and be sure to set up an auto-responder if you have a web page. You can follow up with a lead more than once, but never come across as spammy. You do not want that reputation for yourself or your company. You should manage your contacts in a file or database for easy access.


Now you are on the other side of the recruitment process. If you want to be successful, you will have to recruit a team of new members. Always look out for people with potential that could add value to your team. People that are extroverted, outgoing, and team players will make great additions to your team and train them in internet marketing.

Remember, MLMs are not get-rich-quick schemes. They take a substantial commitment, so you should be willing to take the time and effort to be successful by using these 7 tips for network marketing success.