How to Handle MLM Objection - I don't have time

How to Handle MLM Objection - I don't have time

I am sure like me you must have come across people who say they cannot join the MLM business because they don’t have the time. This is one of the most common MLM Objection Handling queries that come when you are sharing the business with your prospect.

Before trying to resolve this query you need to make sure whether the MLM objection raised by your prospect is genuine or he is just trying to find an excuse & avoid joining the business.

Many times prospect look for some or the other excuse & escape from that particular moment when the business opportunity is shared with them. There are some MLM Objection Handling Tricks that you must learn in order to sign up your friends & colleagues.

How to handle MLM Objection - “I don’t have time for the business”

Here’s a secret tip for you: Answer to every question asked by the prospect should be a question back to the prospect.

I mean whenever prospect ask or raised any question to you, try to revert back by asking a question. Let me explain you with an example, in this case when prospect says:

Prospect: “I am very busy; I don’t have time for the business.”

Me: “Where does all your time goes?” or

“When you think you will have time?” or

“Do you wish same situation where you don’t have time for yourself & your family or you wish to change it?”

These are some of the questions that you can ask back to the prospect once he says I don’t have time. When you reply to a question with a question, the prospect will himself give the solution to his own query. Let’s dig into this example even more:

Actual Conversation with Prospect: “I don’t have time for the business

Prospect: “I am very busy; I don’t have time for the business.”

Me: “Where does all your time goes?”

Prospect: “Since morning to evening I am busy with my office work, so cannot give time.”

Me: “So, are you happy with the amount of quality time you have today for yourself & your family? Or you would love to have more time for yourself & your family?”

Prospect: “Off course I would like to have more time. Spend more time with my family.”

Me: “Don’t mind, but will your current profession allows that? Or will it allow it in near future?”

Prospect: (here prospect goes in thinking mode, or give some crapy answer) “ya it can, may be in future…..”

Me: “Mr. ABC, I should not enter into your personal life, but as we are discussing some serious business that has potential to improve your life, as it has done for me, I would like to be little blunt & straight (I am sorry for that) in saying that as you grow in your current profession you will never get time. You may grow your income, but time will be squeezed than what you have today. You might spend whole life working but getting quality time might not be possible.”

Prospect: hmmmmm……

Me: “1 of the main reason for me to do this business is exactly this. Even I didn’t have time, but I always wish to have time so that I can live the life as I want. That’s only possible if I have a system in place, which is working even if I am not working.

And it’s not possible in any job or traditional business, but it’s definitely possible with Network Marketing industry. Moreover, this industry operates on Time Compound Management (TCM) system. That means you get the benefit of:

Other People’s Time
Other People’s Efforts
Other People’s Skills

And you need not to pay anyone for that. Every one works for themselves but the beauty of this industry is such that other also get the benefit. Its win win situation for everyone.”

What you learn from above conversation with Prospect

1. Always ask questions from your prospects. Tackle a Question with a Question.

2. Never hurt ego of prospect, else he will not join you.

3. Slap with a kiss. Note in the above conversation I used “Mr. ABC, I should not enter into your personal life, but…” here I     just took gentle preapproval from Mr. ABC & then delivered my message as well.

4. Give a solid logic / reason to the prospect to agree with you. Prospect is always looking for a reason to join the opportunity & you need to give it to them.

Bonus Punch

“Mr. ABC, don’t get too busy in making few hundred dollars a month, that you don’t get time to make million dollars month!”


I tried to share the exact conversation that one can have with a prospect so that it gives you enough insights on how you can handle mlm objection.

Also make a note of above 4 points I mentioned under the heading “What you learn from above conversation with Prospect”. Points mentioned here are essential & must be kept in mind whenever we are resolving any mlm objection.

If you learnt something new don’t forget to share it with your teams  

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