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        MINDSETTER PERSONALITY         MINDSETTER EDUCATION     MINDSETTER LIFESTYLE           MINDSETTER PLANTATION         MINDSETTER  HEALTH AWARENESS           MINDSETTER SPORTS                                                                                                                                    BUSINESS PRESENTATION                                                                                     Join Mindsetter Community&hellip Call Customer Care-0977-988-9200  visit www.themindsetter.comDownloadMarketing Plan                                                                                   Business Trends  after every 40 YearsIn 1900 to 1940 Trend  in  Auto Industries Brands established in Auto & Transport In 1940 to 1980 Trend  in  Infrastructure  Industries Segments like Timber Merchants, Iron Merchant, Brick Killen, Sanitary goods, Electric Goods,  Cement stores, Hardware Goods, Building Material stores, Architect Etc.In 1980 to 2020  Business Trend Full swing in                                 - Electronics                                - Computers , Software  Hardware & Software Applications                                - Telecommunications Mobiles Landlines Phones & Internet                                 -Print Media & Electronic Media In 2020 to 2060                  ? ? ?......            What will be the upcoming Business Trends   &lsquoThink a Moment&rsquo            5 Top Business upcoming Trends From 2020 to 2060A       EDUCATION INDUSTRY Specially  In Personal Grooming IndustryB        HEALTH INDUSTRY Specially In Naturopathy  Health Treatment Centers C        GOLD & DIAMOND INDUSTRYD       INTERNET ADVERTISING INDUSTRYE          NETWORK MARKETING INDUSTRYWe have a wonderful BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY with all above 5 Segments.      JOIN Mindsetter Community&hellip&hellip. Visit                       &ldquoOne Day Millions Of People Will Become Mindsetter People&rdquoA Unique Concept with 5 upcoming segments                                                  Become Districtstate Promoter of Mindsetter                                                                         &hellip&hellip.and earn unlimited shopping PointsADVANCE PIN 500 INRPACKAGE-1 5400 INR Personal Grooming Products & workshopa need of 90 Indian Masses Lacking of that Program Target Market of Educational InstitutesPACKAGE-215300 INR Certified Gold & Diamond Jewelry with Personal Grooming Product Pack a need of 90 Indian FemalesPACKAGE-3 Pure gold 20 Gms. a need of 90 Indian Investor PeoplePayout & EarningsEarn shopping points Per Day Capping 10000 shopping points 1SP 1Rs.1.      50 your earned shopping points Get equal value pure gold coins 1 Gm. Each2.       50 your earned shopping points Get equal value shopping from Vishal Mega Mart .3.      Development Monthly Expences 5 pairs onward Rs. 500-month to 1,50000-per month.4.      1st District Promoterafter 20pairs Get Rewards Sports cycle & Down payment Red Tata Nano Mindsetter Rally Car & Full day Trainee workshop.5.      Development expenses for seminars like  Hotel expenses after 20pairs6.      Rewards up to Mercedes Benz, villa & Commercial showroom in 1095 Days.7.      Retirement points 5000100002000050000100,000 Per Month Husband & Wife.8.      Can open District wise Grooming studio of Mindsetter investment 3.25 lack including interior furniture 13 kits as stock  & Get Monthly 3 company turnover share on Personal Grooming Package5400 .EXTRA9.      Open Mind Relax Health Therapy Centres No Medecine ,No Operation One solution of 100 type of Modern Decease & Earn Handsome commission  5500- on centre, 55000- on District Centre & 1,10000 on State Centre one time.MINDSETTER  ACTIVITIES FOR THE BETTERMENT OF NATION-Personal Grooming to Nation  -Annual Plantation Day -15 AUG  -Sports Cycle Marathon &ndashDEC MONTH  -Health Awareness Day-23 JAN Our Supporter-Web developer  Wcazr complete IT solutions. - Company Sectary ConsultantMr.Sanjiv Nigam & Associates.-Graphic Designer & Printers  MS Escort Press-Financial Consultant FCA  Sunil Arora & Associates-Legal & Taxation ConsultantMohit Nanda & AssociatesHotel Supporter·         Hotel Florence Inn New Delhi·         Hotel Ramee Guestline Khar, Mumbai·         Hotel Ramee Guestline Bangalore·         Hotel Landsay KolkattaMindsetter Rally CarRed Nano·         Tata Motors Cargo MotorCompany Legal Details Registered  Name Mindsetter Education & Training Pvt. Ltd.Registered   No.   U80904DL2011PTC22276           Pan No.  AAHCM3251B Customer Care 0977-988-9200 

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