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DEAR FRIENDS, Hiiiiii GOOD NEWS........w2x launched on 24 april 2012 in USIn India its only 11 th day. with very very few joiningsTurn ONE TIME 5 into INFINITE  20475 PER Each Referral...No Risk,Really Change Your Life By One Time Low Investmentyou really cant imagine how much you will earn..really a very huge opprtunity for top leaders.  In w2x, you get unlimited direct refferalswidth and unlimited self multplied refferals ie downline depth WITH 100 COMMISIONS FROM ALL THE SIDES, where you can turn onetime 5 into infinite 20475 per every refferal. Really a very huge opportunity. just visit once n  decide   W2X Team             Turning Marketing into an XTREME Sport PS W2X is quickly going viral around the globe and now has over 12,300 registered members in just the first few weeks PSS Also, the higher up you are the greater the chance you have for receiving randomsales one of our members did 2 days ago in the amounts of 1280 on level 9 and 2560 on level 10 as they were passed up 3 levels to them , pass 2 others up the line, that were not qualified That's a total of 3840 in RANDOM commissions in ONE day just for being active PLEASE READ THE DETAILS SECTION ON THE SITE. YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO WAIT  A SECOND MORE..   Home  Details  Testimonials  FAQ  Register  Member Login     With Wealth2Xtreme You Can Earn 20,475 With Just ONE Referral Imagine What You Could Earn With A Handful Of Referrals? Let's Lay It All On The Table Start With Just 5 Out-Of-Pocket 100 Commissions You Receive 100 Sales Commissions From Your Referrals When Your First Referral Purchases A 5 Advertising Package, YOU Earn 5 And Break Even Everything From Here On Out Is Pure PROFIT Level Package Cost Banner Ads Text Ads Add Programs Email Leads 1 5.00 5,000 5,000 1 NA 2 10.00 10,000 10,000 1 NA 3 20.00 20,000 20,000 1 NA 4 40.00 40,000 40,000 1 500 5 80.00 80,000 80,000 1 1,000 6 160.00 160,000 160,000 1 2,500 7 320.00 320,000 320,000 1 5,000 8 640.00 640,000 640,000 1 10,000 9 1,280.00 1,280,000 1,280,000 1 25,000 10 2,560.00 2,560,000 2,560,000 1 50,000 11 5,120.00 5,120,000 5,120,000 1 100,000 12 10,240.00 10,240,000 10,240,000 1 250,000 YOU Can Earn 20,475 From Just ONE Referral Once you purchase an advertising package in a particular level, you are then eligible to receive 100 sales commissions in that level. By purchasing the 5 advertising package for level 1, you then can receive unlimited 5 sales commissions when your referrals purchase their 5 advertising packages. By purchasing the 10 Level 2 advertising package, you will be eligible to receive unlimited 10 sales commissions when your referrals purchase their 10 Level 2 advertising packages. Each Level from 2 through 12 can be activated either by using your commissions earned OR "Buying In" to purchase the next level advertising package. Although you could earn up to 20,475 in sales commissions from just ONE referral, we STRONGLY recommend promoting until you have at least FOUR referrals. Once you've referred 4 people to the Wealth2Xtreme program something incredible happens You reach CRITICAL MASS and your referrals begin to SELF-MULTIPLY     This Is When Your Income Can Go From Fantastic to SURREAL Self-Multiplying Referrals   Wealth2Xtreme uses one of the most profitable and explosive systems ever developed to help EVERYONE not just the big promoters to earn incredible income The 2-Up System. Not only can ONE referral lead to 20,475 in commissions by referring at least 4 people, you enter the world of LEVERAGE 2 XTREME When you've referred 4 people to Wealth2Xtreme, you hit CRITICAL MASS and your referrals SELF-MULTIPLY causing your income potential to BLAST into the stratosphere In the Wealth2Xtreme multi-level 2-up system, the 2nd and 4th referrals are "Passed Up" to the sponsor, becoming their referrals. Your referrals will then "Pass Up" their 2nd and 4th referrals to YOU. Each referral that is Passed Up to you IN TURN Passes Up THEIR 2nd and 4th referrals... to INFINITY.     EXAMPLE   Step 1       You refer John, Mark, Sally and Cliff in to Wealth2Xtreme.   John and Sally are your 1st and 3rd sale. They are tagged to you and EACH can generate you up to 20,475 in sales commissions. That's over 40,950   Mark and Cliff are your 2nd and 4th sale. They are passed up to your sponsor and are now tagged to them   Your 5th sale to infinity go to YOU each generating you up to 20,475       Step 2   Now Comes The SELF-MULTIPLYING Referrals     Since John and Sally are your personal referrals and are tagged to you they must pass up their 2nd and 4th sales and they remain tagged to you forever   John passes up J2 and J4 and Sally passes up S2 and S4.   As they progress up through the 12 levels in Wealth2Xtreme, each of them can generate you up to 20,475 in sales commissions   That's over 81,900 in additional income and you did not have to personally sponsor them     Step 3   Now Comes The Beginning Of CRITICAL MASS Since John and Sally passed up their 2nd and 4th sales to you and are now tagged to you forever, J2, J4, S2 and S4 must do the same and pass up THEIR 2nd and 4th sales to YOU and they also will remain tagegd to YOU forever.   This now gives you 8 more that you now can earn up to 20,475 in sales commissions from as THEY progress up through the 12 levels of the Wealth2Xteme system   Thats over 163,800 in additional income and you did not have to personally sponsor them   Those 8 passups you received generate an additional 16 passups to you and so on   This process continues on to INFINITY...   THAT'S CRITICAL MASS And THAT'S WEALTH2XTREME This example demonstrates just how powerful Leverage 2 Xtreme can be, but the W2X self-multiplying referral phenomenon can ignite with as little as just ONE referral Now that you've seen the INSANE commissions you can make from just ONE referral and the CRAZY-MAD leverage that results from the Wealth2Xtreme SELF-MULTIPLYING referrals.. Don't Wait Another SECOND To Get Started   CONTACT, SHIRISH.9960943766 

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