Best time to start a part time Business

f you are serious on exploring an exciting entrepreneurial venture for next two to three years than pursuing corporate career for next 35 years till retirement. We are in process of selection of few serious key partners in india for an E-COMMERCE BUSINESS PROJECT”. Overview: We are working on creation of foot prints through E-COMMERCE platform which involves developing markets globally on contract, based on worldwide turnover. The duration of the project is three to five years with approximately 100 thousand USD profit for the partner on "Equal Profit Sharing" basis. For this Project following things are important: Time commitment of minimum 5-10 hours every week, along with your current job/profession. There is a minimum start-up capital involved to commence in this venture, This descion can be made after understanding the scope of the business, and evaluating the project in detail. If you open to understand and ability to make a decision then please go through the project presentation, Please gothrogh the PPT Please go through web site Pls Contect via email us or SMS/ what's app only. will Contect you Asap. Call me at: 9958626781.

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  • 08 June, 2015
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