Corbett Gmail Backup Tool

Corbett Gmail Backup Tool

The Corbett Gmail Backup Tool allows users to back up their emails to external storage in a document or email file format and offers multiple saving options. It also auto-detects the server host address and port number, allowing users to save specific data items such as email addresses, attachments, phone numbers, and many more items separately. It offers granular search capabilities to filter out emails based on user-specific criteria.

Along with the capability to maintain data integrity and overall data security throughout the Gmail Backup process. It protects the data from all harmful virus attacks and delivers a completely safe and secure solution.

There are some additional benefits as well that this Corbett IMAP Backup Tool provides:

1. Provides various saving file formats with both email file formats and document file formats.

2. Besides the backup options, it offers an extract option with a feature to save the email attributes like Attachments, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, and other items.

3. Offers multiple preview panels to view the emails with content and attachments.

4. Option to save selective emails to desired file format and desired end location without performing the backup process.

5. It offers a compact view option to hide all the empty folders from the display panel and back up only the parent folders.

How to Use Gmail Backup Tool to Backup Emails?

Follow the below step-by-step guide to performing the process.

1. Download, install, and launch the tool and click the Open.

2. Select the Email Accounts and Add Account and enter your account credentials.

3. Next, the tool starts uploading all the files and folders into the preview panel.

4. Select the Export button and click the Saving file format

5. Finally, click the Save button to begin the Gmail backup process

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  • 21 February, 2023
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