JOIN ME> NOW SEND ME YOUR NAME & E-MAILMobile  > wey2wingmail.com  OR  sms > 08950273688   JOIN ME> NOW SEND ME YOUR NAME & E-MAILMobile             wey2wingmail.com  OR  sms > 08950273688  wey2wingmail.com The proceedings described below are not the rules as we usually understand them to remind you that there are no rules as such in the System.These are just some free advices, or you can say algorithm, about how to work with the System. By strictly following this advices or algorithm, the participants of this System will be able to achieve benefits up to 40 per month.     <> JOIN ME> NOW SEND ME YOUR NAME & E-MAILMobile <>                                          ref"mailtowey2wingmail.com">wey2wingmail.com  > 08950273688 > wey2wingmail.com    Bonanza march ,2013 For India . 1 March to 31 March - Samsung Galaxy Note II BeAD at with give help from Team 350000-  1. The official sources of information in the System 999ASIA are  the official web-site 999asia.com managed by professional team  2. VETOPESO which has been introduced is like a 999-currency. Basically, it is nothing but an abstract calculating unit. Just like regular currency, VETOPESO has 2 different "exchange rates", one for "selling" and one for "buying". Each participant can "sell" or "buy" VETOPESO, according to the "rates". "Purchase" and "sale" of VETOPESO are carried out by special automatic software on the official website. 3. The approximate rates at which VETOPESO grows are--  > 35 per month compounding interest Regular VETOPESO > 45 per month compounding interest TWO months Deposit > 60 per month compounding interest FOUR months Super Profitable Deposit 4. The limits for deposit of funds for each participant is minimum 1000 INR to maximum 50 000 INR at a particular time. One person can have only one ID on his name. 5. Your VETOPESO deposits are confirmed only after you transfer full 100 amount deposited - to another participant. 6. Your VETOPESO deposits are released 35 VETOPESO -after FOUR weeks from the date of purchase of VETOPESO 45 VETOPESO - after 8 weeks from the date of purchase of VETOPESO 60 VETOPESO &ndash after 16 weeks from the date of purchase of VETOPESO. VETOPESO PURCHASED WITH IN 7DAYS 4 EXTRA BONUS WILL BE CALCULATED VETOPESO PURCHASED WITH IN 14 DAYS 2 EXTRA BONUS WILL BE CALCULATED VETOPESO PURCHASED WITH IN 21 DAYS 1 EXTRA BONUS WILL BE CALCULATED 7. The rate of FOUR months Deposit continues to grow after release at the rate of 60 per month compounding interest, the rate of TWO months Super Profitable Deposit continues to grow after release at the rate of 45 per month compounding interest   8. Participants are given guidance and help in 999ASIA by their DISTRIBUTORS, who in fact control their own teams. Over the advisory distributor &ndash is a  management councelor distributor, over the management councelor distributor &ndash is a direct distributor, over the direct distributor &ndash is a master distributor on. And above everyone is Administrator in India.  All DISTRIBUTORS are required to execute any order given by the Administrator without any undue delay. The Administrator in India has been appointed personally by 999asia  9. 999-CRO, the Department of Control And Audit, has a special role, whose powers extend to all. It monitors the integrity and honesty of all participants, as well as, distributors in all structures of 999asia . The orders of CRO must be carried out on strictly basis by absolutely everyone.  For any violations proved by CRO or refusal to provide documents requested by CRO, you will be immediately and permanently deleted from the System.  10. The System consists of two main buttons GIVE HELP Buy VETOPESO and TAKE HELP Sell VETOPESO. The moment you register, you press the GIVE HELP Buy VETOPESO button, which means you agree to transfer your money as per request. When you want to Take Help Sell VETOPESO, you press the TAKE HELP button. If participant didn't buy VETOPESO within PERTICULAR TIME as he promised 7 days 14 days 21 days and 28 days  after registration - ID will be automatically deleted from the System. 11. First the System calculates the amount of requests for payments GIVE HELP button. And then, as per these calculations it will send request for transfers RANDOMLY to the participants TAKE HELP button. Not necessarily, a request for transfer may or may not occur within a month.  12.  As per the request of the System, a participant MUST transfer money WITHIN 48 HOURS, from his personal account to the account of the specified participant .Also, the System gives more hours if it is a week-end or holiday. In case the participant refuses to transfer the money as per the System&rsquos request - this particular participant will permanently be DELETED from the System. The particular request is forwarded to another participant.   22 . ELIGIBILITY A BUSINESS DEVELOPER TO ADVISORY DISTRIBUTOR 10 DIRECT PARTICIPENTS ARE REQUIRED   B ADVISORY DISTRIBUTOR TO MANAGEMENT COUNCELOR DISTRIBUTOR FRESH 100 PARTICIPANTS AND 5 ADVISARY DISTRIBUTOR IN A TEAM IS REQUIRED C MANAGEMET COUNCELOR DISTRIBUTOR TO DIRECT DISTRIBUTOR 1000 PARTICIPANTS AND 3 MANAGEMENT COUNCELOR DISTRIBUTOR IN A TEAM IS REQUIRED D DIRECT DISTRIBUTOR TO MASTER DISTRIBUTOR FRESH 10000 PARTICIPANTS AND 3 DIRECT DIRECT DIRECT DISTRIBUTOR IN A TEAM REQUIRED E MASTER DISTRIBUTOR TO GRAND MASTER DISTRIBUTOR FRESH 100000 PARTICIPANTS AND 3 MASTER DISTRIBUTOR IN A TEAM REQUIRED F GRAND MASTER DISTRIBUTOR TO SUPER MASTER DISTRIBUTOR FRESH 100000 PARTICIPANTS AND 3 GRAND MASTERS IN A TEAM REQUIRED 23.   BONUS   B D 10 REFRAL BD TO BD 0   A D 05 RANK 1 AD TO AD 0   MCD 03 RANK 2 MCD TO MCD 0   D D 02 RANK 3 DD TO DD 1   M D 01 RANK 4 MD TO MD 1 GMD 01 RANK 5 GMD TO GMD 1   SMD 01 RANK 6 SMD TO SMD 1             24.  STORAGE FUND 1000 inr to 9000 inr storage fund zero   10000 inr to 25000 inr storage fund is 60   26000 inr to 60000 inr storage fund is 70 Vetopeso wallets Rank Vetopeso INR 4212013 114939 PM Bonus Vetopeso-INR35 Lock In Period Starter 10000.0000 13600.0000 4212013 114939 PM Bonus Vetopeso-INRBonus Starter 5000.0000 5000.0000   Bonus Vetopeso-INRCommission BD 1000.0000 1000.0000   Bonus Vetopeso-INRCommission AD 500.0000 500.0000   Bonus Vetopeso-INRCommission MCD 300.0000 300.0000   Bonus Vetopeso-INRCommission DD 200.0000 200.0000   Bonus Vetopeso-INRCommission MD 100.0000 100.0000   Bonus Vetopeso-INRCommission GMD 100.0000 100.0000   Bonus Vetopeso-INRCommission SMD 100.0000 100.0000    Send me detail on my mail> wey2wingmail.com    YOUR Name, E-mail ID BEFORE CALL SEND ME A SMS UR NAME & CITY THEN YOU  CALL ME - 08950273688

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