The Science Behind PhytoScience

PhytoScience is very keen on letting people know they’ve partnered with Mibelle Biochemistry Switzerland. Since I’ve already written about the company and the opportunity, I thought this would be a good time to delve deeper in the science behind Phyto Science. Perhaps in the midst of researching the clinical side of things, I’d discover some real value in what they’re selling. Find out here…

Who is Mibelle Biochemistry Switzerland?

It’s no good partnering up with a lab that has no cache in the scientific world, so I was curious about Mibelle Biochemistry. Surprisingly, they are a real company about 25 years old. They specialize in biotechnology and biochemistry, which is to say they focus on active ingredients for the cosmetic industry.

Design, development, and production all happen under the same roof, which ensures quality, consistency, and accuracy. This is where they process their plant stem cell and snow algae ingredients which are used in Phyto Science products.

How does this plant stem cell technology work on human skin?

The plant stem cell science is of course relatively new. There are plant cells and then there are human cells: the difference is each and every plant cell has the ability to generate a full new plant. In humans, this is not true. Our adult stem cells do not differentiate in the same way (there are limits) and therefore cannot grow into just anything. There are stem cells in human adults in around 20 areas of the body in organs and in tissue. They can differentiate but not enough to grow a full human.

One area of the body which continually produces adult stem cells is the skin. You know that the skin is continually renewing itself. You also know that this renewal process slows down with age, sun exposure, and lifestyle choices that are bad for the skin.

Mibelle scientists were able to grow wound tissue in plants using their trademarked PhytoCellTec™ biotechnology. Specifically, it’s the PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica (a rare Swiss green apple) from which they produced stem cells.

From the Mibelle Labs to Phyto Science

Products: PhytoCellTecTM

These apple stem cells are the main ingredient in Phyto Science’s “Triple Stem Cell” products for anti-aging. The stem cells produced from the green apple work to protect human skin stem cells as well as hair follicles.

Also included in Phyto Science’s anti-aging products and other products are stem cells from grapes (PhytoCellTec™ Solar Vitis) and the argan tree (PhytoCellTec™ Argan). All brought to you by Mibelle Biochemistry labs.

What PhytoCellTec™ actually means is a technology that allows for an efficient means of cultivating and extracting the pant stem cells on a large scale. That means it can be sustained for commercial production for companies like Phyto Science. The PhytoCellTec™ technology was the first of its kind of the market and there is a patent pending.

Mibelle Biochemistry’s Industry Recognition

It’s always good to know what the global community thinks of scientific developments, so I looked for awards and other types of recognition Mibelle may have received.

Although they’d had the technology for four years already, in 2012 Mibelle presented its PhytoCellTec™ technology at the RIO +20 UN Conference in Brazil. Organizers of the important conference recognized the technology as an “eco breakthrough” because it uses cultivation of natural plant stem cells or use in cosmetics and it’s sustainable and “green”. The report cited also mentioned several celebrities who’ve used products containing the PhytoCellTec™ technology.

In 2008 they received their first of several “Innovation Prizes” from the organization called simply “European Cosmetics”. In 2011 Mibelle won “Best Practices Award” from Front & Sullivan a well-known and respected research and market analysis company.

Mibelle now counts Michelle Obama among the list of famous people who use their products.

Phyto Science is almost completely tied in with Mibelle Biochemistry- they even maintain their own PhytoCellTec™ website to promote the science and educate their customers. It makes sensce to align yourself with good science and in this case it seems that’s just what Phyto Science has done with Mibelle Biochemistry.