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Mlm Prospecting - What Is The Most Effective Marketing Strategy?

Mlm Prospecting - What Is The Most Effective Marketing Strategy?

MLM (multi level marketing) also known as Network Marketing is a impressive industry to generate your financial freedom, although MLM prospecting will be quite a challenging procedure. Today's article identifies proven methods that you could begin incorporating into your venture and have more achievement starting today.

Companies like Tupperware, Nutrilite and Avon were big organisations which put direct selling on the map worldwide. After many decades Avon is still one of the world’s biggest and most successful network marketing companies of which they continue to produce fantastic success. Wherever I have been employed throughout my life there continuously seems to be somebody in the office taking orders for Avon products etc. The marketing business model has been proven which has given confidence to hundreds of other businesses to do the same.

The great incentive for being a associate of the business is the opportunity of creating financial freedom which is excellent. Sell X amount, recruit X amount and your well and truly on your way to the top. MLM prospecting was primarily designed to give many people identical opportunity to get out there and make this chance work. The original marketing methods consists of building a list of friends & family, then basically phone each person inviting them to a presentation. Most networkers present the opportunity at home however others may hire hotel suites etc for high exposure and maximum impact. Further offline methods may consist of handing out leaflets, magazine ads, local radio ads, mailing lists etc. Most MLM business models seem very straightforward, all we need is 2 or 3 people to sign up straight below us and then we just help others to build their teams also. Over the years this has proven to be a well-founded marketing method and has created more multi millionaires than any other sales industry. This is great and has many wishing they will be next in line for the million dollar pay cheque. Offline network marketers all have one similiar thing in common when MLM prospecting, those who they have recruited are all focused, entrepreneurial minded individuals who are motivated to work towards financial success. 97% of networkers have failed miserably within MLM most of which quit within a couple of months. Most people’s warm markets include mum, dad, grandma, Aunty Sue and uncle Bob… and some friends. The huge distinction with your market and those who are successful is completely down to the mindset of those who you are attempting to recruit. Finding focused, determined, success driven people is the only way you can genuinely do well within this industry. I speak from experience which means I know exactly how hard it can be.

In current years the internet has been a much favored source for marketers who need solutions for MLM prospecting and expanding their businesses. Online marketing opens up your world which means if you do not have the success driven individuals within your warm market you can still most definitely find these individuals who may be situated on the other side of the world but keen to take benefit of your opportunity. These are just some of the techniques you can use to start having better success in your business online:

  • Marketing by means of free social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin and YouTube can be extremely effective. These are great for forming relationships and turning a cold market into relatively warm. Understanding the effective strategies is imperative to prevent wasting even more time.
  • Article Marketing – submitting to many article websites will have you located at the top of google for your precise keyword search terms. Prospects will study your information and considering you add value will soon become a lead. Marketing added company affiliates can help generate extra income.
  • Video Marketing – allows prospects to connect with the marketer and understand who they are working with.
  • Free Classifieds – Free ads
  • Blogging gives a excellent place where prospects can form trust with the marketer.

Other paid methods may consist of:

  • PayPerClick , Google Ads – If you would like on the spot results this is the way to go. Your advertisements will be located at the top of the search engines and be found as sponsored links in fantastic locations all over the internet (as per keywords & tags)
  • Listbuilders – i.e. Viral Url/ListJoe etc… allows you to dispatch out up to 3000 emails every 3 days, a impressive strategy which is very useful and takes very little time.
  • Ezine/Solo ads – are online newsletters that individuals subscribe to. When an ezine sends out an email with your ad the person reading is more likely to take it seriously for the reason that they have a “association” established with the ezine.

MLM prospecting with any of the above are excellent marketing strategies. You must choose which way can generally work for you. If you’re working offline with traditional methods re-evaluate how much success you are really having. Are you receiving persistent rejection, do you dislike having to go to prospects homes to present the opportunity, are you having a great time handing out leaflets? If your having great success then keep with it and perhaps look at online marketing as an extra sideline. If you have had no delight at all and are even on the brink of quitting then DON’T, quitting will not create your wealth, MLM will form your financial freedom but you just need solutions. Online marketing can work for anybody; there are marketers aged 21 making 6 figure incomes, at the opposite end of the scale there are networkers 70+ generating the same success. You’re never too old or young to be a online marketing genius. Taking it another step further and individually branding yourself can help you create an even closer connection with your prospects.

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  • 20 June, 2016
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