5-Star Products and Business Opportunity now Available Worldwide

5-Star Products and Business Opportunity now Available Worldwide

Indusviva Company is a vertically integrated company. It means the entire product supply-chain has been managed by the same company without any third party intervention for any activity throughout without any third-party outsourcing. Paste the link to see the article with images https://indusvivabusinessopportunity.blogspot.com/2020/10/about%20company.html The Company is into a spectrum of rejuvenation. Through formulation, manufacturing and marketing of its world-cl preventive healthcare and wellness products that have been brought from the freshness of nature. The Company was started on January 17 2014, in Bangalore India. Which is now the main headquarters. Today, the company has over more than 4.00,000 active distributors. The company has been honoured many times as the most ethical and reliable direct selling company in India The journey for the company has been a very memorable one. Due to Vibrantviva an education system Which has catered to the needs of varying experience levels of individuals. Like from a very new to the advanced seasoned person in the direct selling industry. This has helped the entrepreneurial souls to succeed much faster in comparison to traditional business models. The company has an online system and tools starting from a virtual office, virtual meetings and product training (Zoom Meeting App) and even an online presentation on the vibrantviva system. Which helps interested entrepreneurs take immediate action to start the business with the company who has invited them to this opportunity. Top 10 Reasons why we should join indusviva company..? When given a chance to choose..? The company has the fastest growth ratio. The company has the fastest growth rate of almost 148% year on year. Since its all because of the understanding between the core company management and its distributors. The company has been very humble to share 50% of its revenue with all its distributors. Through which it has boosted the morale of the distributor to continue with the company for a longer tenure without looking for a second opportunity in the market. The best compensation plan and remuneration for the distributor. The company pays 10 types of income. It starts from the beginning ranks such as as a star distributor and progressing towards more advanced ranks like Black Diamond Ambador. Each Distributor ID has a nominee facility. A nominee can avail the benefits of the primary distributor ID by continuing the business on their behalf. The Company is vertically integrated from its own research, manufacturing and marketing facility. This will help in product quality control at all the stages of the product lifecycle. Advanced Ayurveda formulation products. Which are designed to address the current market demanding therapeutic areas in lifestyle-related preventive healthcare segments such as weight loss, diabetes, skin disorders and much more. Company education system Vibrantviva. This helps individuals and newly joined team members plugin to the company system. Even if the upline or downline becomes inactive for various reasons. The first Indian direct selling company to go abroad from India to the USA Market through advanced Ayurveda formulations. As most companies come from the USA to India market in the direct selling industry. The company has the required certifications locally and globally. These include AYUSH PREMIUM, KOSHER, and GMP. The first company that bills on the MRP for its products. Indusviva company is fully compliant on GST and bills on MRP and pays the tax generated from its distributors to the government without giving any discount or offers the prices for all products are same and fixed. This has been followed from the very beginning and the compensation plan or the product price has never been changed even during the implementation of the recent GST taxation. The affiliate link and joining link for the distributor. The company has kept its pace with the changing online marketplace. Each distributor gets his own virtual office where he can generate his/her own affiliate link or joining link which is globally valid. Through this, he/she can help others join the business or he/she can buy a product for himself /herself and do a recommendation to his/her friends and family and be eligible for a commission from the sale of the product. The company has unique monopoly patented products. The products have a unique selling point as all the products can be consumed by people of all age groups. This can be starting from pediatric to the geriatric population. Which opens a wider global market and repeat sales of products over and over again. These sales record has been proven since 2014. Due to the result of which more than 56 millionaires or crorepati were produced in the past 6 years of time to date. Which is proof for business model success for all the distributors who start their journey with indusviva business opportunity. If you read this post until now. That means you come under the 2% population instead of 98%. This 2% are the ones who are rich and wealthy. See making money has a lot to do with mindset rather than with the product or company. Yet any company in the direct sales business model will always give the best possible tools, techniques and system for its distributors to empower them to bring more revenue to the company.

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  • 23 January, 2021
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