Network Marketing Interview of Veteran MLM Leader Mr Ashish Karia

Network Marketing Interview of Veteran MLM Leader Mr Ashish Karia

Ashish Karia, Green DiamondToday at MLM Diary we feel very proud to share an exclusive interview of Mr Ashish karia, a leader, a mentor, a tycoon of network marketing industry. Currently a Green Diamond Achiever at Kyani India.

Network Marketing – A word when heard gives me remembrance of my friends and colleagues approaching me to join network marketing business during my college days. I use to feel very annoying and try to restrict them but today when I see and hear success stories I feel so disappointed. But anyway friends today in this fast pace digital world network marketing is changed completely one can organize their marketing approach in a more better and organized way.

"Let's start interview of Mr. Ashish Karia in his on words."

Your Personal history?

I am into network marketing since the last 15 years, I am a firm believer of ethics in Business, I was introduced to kyani by Mr. Maunish Patel, I was impressed with the customer centric approach of the company and their long term vision in this industry. I work for the betterment of my downline. I always plan my work and then execute, time is the most important factor in my life. I am blessed with a very supportive family. My dad is my idol and it is his blessing from above that has made me succeed in life. 



What made you to join MLM?

In MLM sky is the limit, In MLM you not only touch the lives of thousands of people but also see them grow in terms of health, wealth and happiness, In the initial stages of my career I have seen so many lives change due to this business. MLM gives you a lifestyle, time for your family, lots of adventure and fun and yes lots of Friends! This inspired me to join MLM.



How do you stay motivated?

Being motivated is definitely a difficult task, I read books, Inspiring videos, I listen to audios, the best way is to learn from the top mentors in the industry and teach the down-line. I always try to find the solution out of problem, instead of problem out of solution.



What are your daily routines and how many people do you approach daily?

You will be surprised to know that I never approach any top leaders, I believe in building my down line as top leaders, if you want a successful network and go towards diamondship then build a friendship between you and your down line, guide them when they need you even if its in the middle of the night. Because its only your downline who makes you the upline.



What Types of Marketing Strategies Work Best For You?

We have a volume based plan, I am a firm believer that business is not only for money but also personal growth for me and my downlines, I analyse that why somebody would join hands with me in business and accordingly I try to fulfil their needs. I build my team in this way and it has always worked for me.

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If I was to read one book to grow my business, what would you recommend?

I will always recommend “How to Win Friends and Influence people by Dale Carnegie”; I call it as a “Bible of Network Marketing”. All new joinee’s should definitely read this book.



What are some of your favorite smartphone apps or online tools you use to grow your businesses?

Applications that keep me connected to me to the world like Facebook, whats app, viber, Skype and Google plus

I am also travelling a lot so I use Make my trip, google maps, Meru cab and ola a lot. 



According to you what is the future of network marketing industry?

Well, network Marketing will grow tremendously in the next 5 years. Also it depends on  The Governenment of India as to how they would shape it, I believe that within a span of 1 or 2 years there will be a big boom that would change the scenario of Network Marketing in India. "If someone is looking for an opportunity then I will say that this is the right time to join this Industry."


If you had to start all over again and knew no one, what is the first thing you would do to grow a MLM business from scratch?

If I had selected the more deeper vision company and I am in strange country where I know nobody, I simply start approaching them, the best way to start from the scratch is just don't let it be scratch anymore, go and meet people. It's people business.


Some of tips for new mlm joinee?

My tips would be that from far it looks like it is a product selling business, but it is training business. It's the duplication which works always. so do not just consider it as a direct selling business. Think big, spread the word, experience the goodness and share it to others.  "Further never count your prospect as a prospect but instead count them as a project. If you join someone than don’t leave them instead develop them."


What is your current income from this business?

Network marketing income are not fix or limited, I may tell my last month (May, 2015) payout and it was 20 lacs around 


What is YOUR REASON to do Network Marketing business?

I am a people centric person, when  I was young I used to observe my dad, he always tried hard to make a difference in people's lives, I also wanted to do the same, Networking taught me that the smallest effort you do in peoples lives makes a big difference in their lives, plus networking gives you and your family a life beyond imagination. This is a reason I have selected networking as my career for life.  


Many people face difficulties in Lead Generation in Network Marketing. How do you generate leads?

Network Marketing may look simple but it is not an easy business, but it is not even a difficult one. It is tough when done without proper method and ethics. Never cheat people. For lead generation the best is to first let your family have confidence on the product, then get your friends use them. Also you can get new leads by #MLMdiary and various other websites. But i would like to say that

There is a thin line between cheating and the network marketing. Let me explain you with an example.   

If a sales man sells refrigerator in Kashmir by advertising it as a refrigerator which helps to keep things such as fruits and vegetables cool than he is a “network marketer”.

If a sales man sells refrigerator in Kashmir by advertising it as a cupboard with a light inside in which you can keep books or things then he is a “cheater”

I am a proud Networker and I always follow the ethics in business. It seems to many that I am a successful network have got the top position very easily. But in reality it is my vast experience and the difficult times I have endured in this industry that has made me tough. Even after facing so many tough times I never gave up on network marketing and that is why today i am here. 

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At the end I would simply like to say that go by the ethics, never give up on your dreams, work hard for your down line respect and have faith on your upline and you will surely achieve success. So Do you have a dream? Come and fulfill it!

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  • 09 July, 2015
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