Step into any military mess hall, and you’ll find one thing in common: You’ll never find an officer eating before someone lower than him or her in rank. It’s well-known that in the military, the higher your rank, the longer you wait to eat.

Are you scratching your head, wondering why this is the case? After all, you may think, the officers earned their rank and should rightfully be first in line when grub time rolls around. If you are thinking this way, however, it could be the very reason why you are not succeeding in network marketing.

Here’s why: An officer knows that in order to inspire others to work harder, and to gain their respect, he or she must treat them well. Trust, after all, is built on respect; and in the military, trust is crucial. By letting those lower in rank eat first, it’s a way of expressing gratitude for their service.

We’re not saying that you need to always eat last at the table when eating with your downteam, as doing so would be somewhat dramatic. What we are saying is that if you make a strong effort to help your downteam succeed, and continuously put their needs before your own, you will stand a much better chance of motivating them to go out and earn more income. And in a business like network marketing, this is critical due to the fact that your financial success will depend largely on the efforts of your downteam. Simply put, if your downteam stops growing, your income will stop growing, too.

So, how do you show your downteam that you are ready and willing to help them grow their businesses? Here are some tips for doing so:

Mentor your new network marketers: Every time you get a new network marketer on your downteam, make it a point to offer professional mentoring services. Have this person shadow you as you go about your daily business, as part of a training regimen designed to show them the ropes. By doing this, you’ll not only set your new Associate up for a great start, but you show them that you are committed to helping him or her succeed as well.

Go way out of your way to show support: Perhaps a member of your team lives one or two states over from you. If so, this is a great opportunity to hop in your car and drive to this person, even if just for a cup of coffee or a lunch. By doing this, you’ll let your Associate know that help is always right around the corner if it’s needed even though you are located far away. It will also show—literally—that you are willing to go the extra mile to lend a helping hand and make sure they are on track for success.

Offer weekly progress reports: Spend time each Friday picking out a select group of Associates, and writing a quick email with some constructive criticism (and positive feedback) about their efforts. For instance, maybe you saw an Associate speak at an opportunity meeting and noticed they were repeating phrases that made them sound nervous. Or, perhaps you read a great blog post that someone wrote online and you want to share your gratitude. It always feels great to receive feedback from someone higher in rank than you, so your Associates will undoubtedly be grateful for your efforts.

How do you show your Associates gratitude for their efforts?

Source: viridian