Stay focused when you are about to witness this could be the turning point you have been waiting for so long. Gaze into the crystal ball and be in the seat behind the wheel of a vehicle that will serve your purpose. A ride that will make your dreams come true. Every decade something big happens. In the seventies it was MICROWAVE. In the eighties, it was V.C.R. In the nineties it was the Personal Computer and the Internet. You may have failed to surf the wave that came then. You were not in the right place in time but look behind you. Assure as it came then. It is coming now.

Those who were fortunate to see the wave coming during the eighties became millionaires and by the time the wave at nineties made millionaires, they who have made it in the eighties, became billionaires. In his best selling book ‘THE NEXT TRILLION’ the writer PAUL ZANE PILZER, states that by 2016, $1 trillion will be added in addition to the US economy alone. He calls it ‘Business at the speed of Thought.’ Business opportunities that will educate people about new products, better distribution of products and services and the chance to set up your own business in the convenience of your own home. A business you can do it at your spare time without need for large capital investments, without the head ache of having employees, a business that can earn for you from a couple of $100 to $5000 a day or more. And this is a home based type business.

You can qualify for incredible tax advantage. Now isn’t it time that you cashed in. So this time there are no excuses, you must cash in. the following presentation is designed to give you a work tool, a vehicle if you may understand how you can begin a new business. Then in a very short period, it can become your own global business. Pay close attention to every word in the demonstration that pictures you of having a brighter future now. Welcome to MLM, Multi Level marketing business. Network marketing is a multi billion dollar business today. It is now major method of doing business with more and more companies adopting this business. Today this is dragging force of 21st century economy. Network marketing regarded by many business people as the business of future. However it was not long ago this network business was misunderstood as a business of get rich quick scheme or pyramid scam.

It was all together common to all network marketing worldwide for having accepted legality and service of the business. Who actually pioneer this business, when did network or MLM is actually known popularly start? After pouring some work and internet into the subject we here present you the brief history of this fantastic and wonderful business which requires a lot less financial capital than traditional business. But can eventually yield enormous and long lasting income. NUTRILITE PRODUCTS INCORPORATED, in 1945 Mr. Kurl was first to present a compensation plan to market his nutritional products. His company was originally called The California Vitamin Company. But later renamed as Nutrilite Products Incorporated, using the multi tiered plan it allowed any Nutrilite Distributor to get 3% commission from his down lines on top of the regular commission from his own sales. With this system Nutrilite achieved a stunning success compared to all direct selling methods. AMWAY CORPORATION- In 1959, two good friends started a new company Amway Corporation selling bio-degradable, all purpose cleaner, using an improved compensation plan. The tiny enterprises achieved a remarkable success with sales of independent distributors all over the USA.

The directors of Amway made their fortune working with Nutrilite. After breaking from Nutrilite, they were convinced that they can do better on their own marketing their own products. Today Amway is a leading network marketing company in the world. PHASES OF NETWORK MARKETING Over the following years network marketing is absorbed in diversified and into wide range of products and services, as more companies adopted this method. Richard Poe in his book WAVE-4 Network marketing in the 21st century summarizes that network marketing into the following phases. 1945-79 : The Under Ground Phase. 1979-89 : The Proliferation Phase. 1990-99 : The Mass Market Phase. 2000 & on : The Universal Phase. It is interesting to note that many of the major network marketing companies studied only as direct selling companies. After discovering massive power of network marketing thru success of Amway and others, these direct selling companies are some what poised to adopt the network marketing plan. Richard Poe analyses – in 1990, 75% of direct selling association member companies worked on a straight commission. But by the end of the decade the number had shrunk to less than 23%. MLM plans are now used by more than 77% of direct selling companies.

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  • 04 September, 2015
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