OK Life Care Private Limited

OK Life Care Private Limited - OK Life Care

Health should always be a priority and with Ok Life Care, you can get amazing quality natural products easily.
A product-based direct selling business called Ok Life Care is committed to finding the best natural remedies and advancements in personal care, wellness, and healthcare.
Three factors have driven significant growth and change for the company throughout history, and they will continue to do so for OK Life care's upcoming generations. To make a modest but significant difference in the lives of consumers every day, The Purpose brings people together behind a common goal and growth plan. The organization wants to motivate OK Life care employees to contribute positively to people's lives every day. The Values describe a distinct approach to day-to-day business and reflect behaviors and tone of communication with each other and with all direct sellers.
Ok Life Care demonstrates its faith in science and technology by offering distinctive, ground-breaking goods and services of the highest caliber that enhance the lives of its clients now and for future generations. Direct sellers will therefore reward the business with leadership sales, profits, and value creation, putting it on a successful growth trajectory.
When it comes to business, the organization is honest and forthright, and it abides by the law by honoring OK LIFE CARE's values in all of its actions and decisions. Due to the data-based and intellectual makeup of the team, they constantly strive to act morally. They are all fiercely committed to achieving leadership results and are all leaders in their particular spheres of influence. The direction they are travelling in is obvious.
The employees of the organization are fiercely competitive and driven to excel in their field. Becoming the member of such company will always bring profits to your table. So if you are keen to earn extra money by selling amazing quality products, all you need to is register with the company and start earning by expanding the market. If you are already a member, you can check out the website and find the login option easily.
To know more about the company, products, success rate and services, visit the website today!
Company Tagline: “Best of the Nature”
Company Registration Number: 066261
Pan Number: AACCO3993K
CIN: U74999HR2016PTC066261
Company Type: Multi Level Marketing Company
Category/Industry: Natural Food Products
Founded Date: Jan 1, 2016
Founder/Co-Founder/CEO/Director: Jogender Singh
Headquarters: Rohtak
Branches: All over India
Operating Status: Active
Company Product/Services: Natural Food Products, Medicines, and more.
Company Revenue/Annual Turnover: 1-100CR.
No. of Employees: 1000
Top Leaders: Ms Sarita Karwasra
Location/Address: Gandhra Mor, Kharawar Bypass, Kharawar, Rohtak, Haryana-124001.

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