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We at Clardey Global (P) Limited appreciate all of your assistance with our construction and work. And only through the combined efforts of the business, our distributors, and the customer has CGPL been able to redefine the direct selling landscape in India. The corporation makes significant profits with little risk and expense. However, all of the customers who consume our products are responsible for these earnings since without them, no industry could survive.
With their extensive selection of wellness items delivered directly to our customers, we at CGPL strive to create a healthier India by providing reliable services with high-quality products, an effective grievance redressal system, simple return policies, availability, and customer feedback. Therefore, customers have no choice but to offer direct selling businesses the chance to demonstrate their abilities and qualifications.
The firm, as stated in its memorandum of association, works directly through its direct sellers and other retail locations with no intermediaries and complications involved. The business aims for the success of its direct selling practices, reaching the clients directly, so that they receive the most advantage possible.
The company has a distinct trademark to distinguish its products from those of other businesses with a comparable product line. The business is a law-abiding entity that possesses all necessary licenses and pays all necessary taxes on time, including GST, Sales Tax, Income Tax, TDS, and all other needed taxes. The company's direct selling strategy, which involves sending goods straight from producers to buyers without the use of any intermediaries, is what ensures its success.
Company Tagline: “Beauty & Wellness”
Company Registration Number: 054269
Pan Number: AAJCC7691R
CIN: U52520PB2021PTC054269
Company Type: MLM Company
Category/Industry: Wellness
Founded Date: 20 Sep 2021
Founder/Co-Founder/CEO/Director: Rajwinder Kaur
Headquarters: Punjab
Operating Status: Active
Company Product/Services: Noni Juice, Tonics and more
Top Leaders: Rajwinder Kaur and Bobandeep Singh
Location/Address: Plah Sahib Rd, Guru Amardas Avenue, Amritsar, Punjab 143101

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