Balarka Global Mart Private Limited

Balarka Global Mart Private Limited - Balarka

With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Balarka, a leading direct selling company under the umbrella of Falcon Marketing Pvt. Limited, has been making waves in the health care and personal care industry since its establishment in 2009. Recognized throughout India for its quality and services, Balarka has rapidly grown into a brand with a strong presence in the market. With 10 world-class showrooms in different cities of India, and products and business education offered in over 20 cities, Balarka has achieved remarkable growth and success. The company's corporate office is located in Delhi, with its head office in Jalandhar.
At Balarka, customer satisfaction is paramount. The company takes pride in its 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, resolving concerns or offering a 100% refund on products. Balarka has also set up a 24x7 Customer Complaint Redressal Call Centre to ensure maximum care for its customers. The company's commitment to providing organic and natural products has garnered it a reputation for promoting reliable and consumer-friendly products in the country. Through thorough research and a focus on quality, Balarka ensures that its products and services meet the highest standards, with customer satisfaction as the prime focus.
Balarka's mission is to contribute to the global community through the Help of Mankind, by helping individuals achieve their goals and lead better lives. The company envisions itself as the global health leader within the direct selling business, leveraging its position to be a positive influence in the development of sustainable and professional direct selling communities worldwide. Balarka's core values revolve around health, safety, and financial freedom.
Health is considered the greatest asset at Balarka, and the company is committed to providing the best-in-class health products to enrich the well-being of its customers. With a range of products that cater to various health needs, Balarka aims to empower individuals to take control of their health and lead a balanced lifestyle. Safety is also a top priority for Balarka, and the company offers a range of safety products that help protect against unexpected accidents and illnesses. Moreover, Balarka believes in providing a business opportunity that offers financial freedom, enabling individuals to fulfill their dreams by earning as much as they want at their convenience.
The Balarka pledge is one of absolute living, encompassing a holistic approach to well-being. In today's fast-paced world, modern living has led to declining health due to pollution, unhealthy diets, sedentary habits, and stress. Balarka aims to reverse this trend by promoting a balanced lifestyle that embraces a positive and proactive approach to health and wellness.
Through its products and services, Balarka strives to make complete well-being accessible to all. By wholeheartedly joining Balarka, individuals can achieve a balanced life with a healthier body, mind, and spirit. To become a member and start earning, interested individuals can join the company by signing up through the website and becoming all set to earn.
With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, a wide range of high-quality products and a vision for global leadership in the direct selling industry, Balarka is a company that is making a significant impact on the health and wellness of individuals worldwide. Join Balarka today to experience the benefits of absolute living and unlock the potential for financial freedom while contributing to the betterment of the global community. For registration, sign up through the website and you are all set to earn with Balarka.
Company Registration Number: 58714
Pan Number: AAHCB3772A
CIN: U74999RJ2017PTC058714
Company Type: Network Marketing Company
Category/Industry: Personal care
Founded Date: 02 Aug 2017
Headquarters: Jaipur
Operating Status: Active
Company Product/Services: Health care services and Personal care services
Company Revenue/Annual Turnover: 1 Lakh
Location/Address: 423 A, 4th Floor, Sunny Mart, New Aatish Market, Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan – 302020

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