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Dayjoy Marketing Private Limited - Dayjoy

Dayjoy intends to give tomorrow's businesses a boost by encouraging and nurturing their growth today. Dayjoy invites the ambitious lot to evolve into an entrepreneurial attitude as they join us on a wholesome journey, driving a good change through the clever business plan of direct selling. As a member of the ever-expanding Dayjoy family, you will not only expand your financial opportunities, but you will also contribute to the community as a whole. With Dayjoy, you will be in charge of inspiring people to have healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.
The Dayjoy family's vision is to grow into the shoes of exceptional leadership and financial achievement. Dayjoy India would become the first direct selling business in India to deliver total backward integration to its family members. Not only will this enable better and more competitive networking opportunities for Dayjoy family members, but it will also provide everyone linked with us a higher sense of exclusivity.
Our products are manufactured from natural materials and are made in a basic manner. Dayjoy's in-house R&D team is completely committed to providing a healthy experience and lifestyle for all of our consumers, as evidenced by the success of our sub-products such as Asthprash, Curind, Wildmuse, Yumdum, and Aayushmaan, Homeshine. Dayjoy is run by Mr Anmol Agarwal, an entrepreneur himself, and is part of the Adila Group, a brand completely dedicated to creating world-class items of unrivalled quality and excellence. Anmol's vision is at the heart of the Dayjoy concept, incubating simple solutions for the community in a healthy way. This is why we continue to strive for advancement.
Company Tagline: “Family Well-being”
Company Registration Number: 062258
CIN: U52600RJ2018PTC062258
Company Type: Direct Selling
Category/Industry: Health/Beauty
Founded Date: 17 Sep 2018
Founder/Co-Founder/CEO/Director: Anmol Agarwal
Headquarters: Kota, Rajasthan
Branches: Kota
Operating Status: Active
Company Product/Services: Nutrition, Beauty & Home Products
Top Leaders: Anmol Agarwal, Shambhu Kumar Agarwal, Divyansh Agarwal
Location/Address: A-780, Indra Vihar, Talwandi, Kota, Rajasthan - 324005

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