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Business Plan   How to Join Registered you Amount  Rs.1000-  By paying advance Business Point of BP 4500.00 to buy any product. Total Joining Amount - Rs.5500- By buying our Product. Member can join my online pro using of BP 5500.00 Each member will get vacum cleaner & reebok watch against 5500.00 joining.   After Top-up member will get a product. Ten registration E - pin in your ID you will make double your money Rs.10,000-   Sharing Income-   Member has to promote company products to 10 mail ids at one time.   For each contact page member will be paid BP 1,000.00.   One mailing  page can be added for every 15 days . You can get Rs.1000- in every 15 days by sharing on email Id's.   Working Income-     Direct Sponsor Income Member will earn B.P. 500 - for each .   All direct referrals will be considered for this income.   Direct referrals can be placed anywhere.   Binary Income   BP. 500 - per pair Match.   1st pair 21 or 12, there after 11 1 pair.   Capping 200 pairs weekly i.e. BP. 1,00,000 weekly.   Unlimited depth of geneology.   Power leg carry forward.   Binary pay out every 15 and 01 of a month.   Income eligible for bank transfer.  Call-8889698558

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