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Plz Don&rsquot Send any plans to me&hellipBecause I m Doing INDIA&rsquos BIGGEST RETAIL MLM PLAN&hellipWhere My Target People is 130 Crore population which is impossible to capture.SHOPPING & EATING anywhere in INDIAIn this Plan You can purchase any product from 30000 Retail Outlets in 500 Cities all over INDIA. No company has even 10000 outlets..Already Crore&rsquos of people are doing Shopping & Visiting Restaurants in these Outlets..Just you have to give awareness,that If they JOIN our Company then for the same shopping & eating they will get Income & there Dream can be fulfilled.All Branded things in MLM Industry in Only 1 Co. in INDIA Which is a 1 months Baby now With a Binary & Repurchase Plan together.  Business License to work anywhere in INDIA BINARY INCOME RE-PURCHASE INCOME  Binary Plan only  AWARD & REWARDS  Contest Regularly  Rewards & LOT MORE TO COME..... But it is TRUE it happens ONLY in One " COMPANY  " Hurry Up 4 more details....   this concept compulsory for every person in society.any queries call me....www.mlmduniya.net-- V INAYKUMAR BIRADAR09590 9293 11vinay.bidargmail.com , yahoo.comFlame Of Ambition Should Never DieCREATORSA Very Powerful Motivational Speaker & Trainer 

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