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Writing a Merchant of Venice Essay that is worth a Bow

Many great literary sources as well as their productions are written about when doing English literature. These writing ignments will educate students on many aspects of English essay writing. They will develop knowledge about great writers; develop knowledge about the articles and novels they produced etc. Such literature review ignments sharpen the student’s comprehension skills as well as review writing skills. One of the interesting essay, students are often igned with is the writing of the Merchant of Venice essay.
A Summary of Merchant of Venice

Merchant of Venice is written by one of the greatest play writes, William Shakespeare. Clified as a comedy with a twist, the Merchant of Venice was written during 1596 -1598 and staged in 1600. The play is full of poetic clichés as well as melodramatic twists and turns. The story revolves around a Jewish money lender, Shylock, the merchant Antonio, Portia who is an heiress and Banio who wishes for her hand in marriage. Banio wishes to borrow money from Antonio. However, Antonio’s ets are all tied up at sea. Therefore, the two friends visit Shylock the money lender. He agrees to loan them the money if Antonio signs a bond to offer a pound of his flesh if the money is not repaid in three months. This is the summary of the play. Many more scenes are added which involve Portia choosing Banio among other suitors and Antonio eloping with Shylock’s daughter.

How to Write the Essay?

Writing the Merchant of Venice essay requires the thorough understanding of the play. This can only be done through reading it. In addition, writing this essay is very different from that of writing college application essays or any other type of essay. Therefore, students need to pay strict attention to how it is done. Writing essays based on Shakespeare’s texts can be difficult. This is because many students cannot decipher the language. However, in order to master the task of writing an essay of this type, students need to understand the language. Practice and diligence will help you achieve your goal.

Methods of Writing the Essay

There are many ways in which you will be able to consider writing this essay. For example, providing an analysis of one of the characters of the play will be interesting. You can write about Portia, Banio, Nerissa, Antonio or Shylock. Providing your view of them and how they add to the essence of the play will make for interesting reading. In addition, students can discuss the various themes and symbols and motifs in the play as well as their opinion of the overall comedy value of the play.

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