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 TelexFree CompanyJOINING AMOUNT- U 339 earn weekly payments posting ads online,will pay u 20 dollars a week for 52 weeks,Telex Free pays u directly in to your Bank Account The TelexFree is an American multinational corporation registered in the U.S. as "Commom Comunication Cents" is a company with 10 years experience in the United States in telecommunications and operates in over 40 countries. Newly arrived in Brazil in the year 2012, the Company TelexFree offers customers innovative technology. This technology allows you to make unlimited phone calls to any mobile or landline of any operator in Brazil, USA, Canada and over 40 countries, via Central Access. It is a North American company, founded in 2002 by James Merrill.The specialization is TelexFree Advertising and Technology. Currently large companies spend millions monthly on advertising, a banner in for example costs 500 thousand per day, but with the increasing use of the internet as a means of entertainment, is increasingly less effective the traditional way of advertising .Aiming to this new market Telexfree developed a new way of doing publicity and propaganda, using the internet as a means of disseminating their products and ordinary people as his faithful advisers.Thus was created a revolution in advertising, giving the possibility of ordinary people in the business and act accordingly grab a slice of the cake before it was only in the hands of big advertising companies. It's called Digital Advertising. TelexFree Head Office in the USA  The Corporate Head Office in the United States is located in this building site in the state of Massachusetts, at the following address 225 Cedar Hill St Suite 200 Marlborough  State MA   Zip 01752 Country USA In Brazil TelexFree Inc. is CNPJ 11.669.3250001-88, and commenced operations on Avenida Nossa Senhora da Penha, 356 - Canton Beach - CEP 29055-131 - Vitória ES.TelexFree New Head Office in BrazilDue to rapid growth, the Company TelexFree just acquired its new head office. An office building in GLOBAL TOWER on the 20th floor in Vitoria ES worth it R 1,800,000. End Avenida Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes, 95520 from the floor Cove Shua Vitória - ES Cep 29050-335. Main CEO of TelexFreeFounder and President James Merrill Born in 1961, Son of traditional American couple, James Merrill graduated in the class of 1985 in economics at Westfield State University. Man of great vision, he saw a huge market once he met some Brazilians knowing that they spent way too much making calls to Brazil. Knowledgeable of a new era of technology VOIP, he decided to found in 2002 the Telexfree Inc. to serve this market. The credits were sold in VOIP rechargeable cards, a huge success, which was later directed to diverse communities in other countries, and thus Telexfree grew with each passing year.Currently TelexFree already has thousands of users of its system of voice over IP VOIP Technology within the United States, Brazil, Canada and in about 40 countries. James Merrill continues to make steady and huge investments to further enhance its borders.Always following his instinct, Mr. James Merrill declared its latest challenge, launching in Brazil your dream project as simply linking two huge markets ADVERTISING & COMMUNICATION. Legal Counsel Gerald P. NehraMuskegon, Michigan, is a lawyer specialized in MLM law, licensed in the states of Michigan, New York, Colorado and the Federal Court of the United States. His 42 years of legal experience including 8 years in IBM's legal team and 9 years as Director of the Legal Division of Amway Corporation. With his private law practice, was established in 1992, Nehra & Waak Lawyers, serving exclusively to the legal needs of direct selling companies. The company held an exclusive partnership with TelexFree to protect their legal interests in the area of specialty of the company.International Director Carlos Costa  Brazilian, lives in Vitoria Espirito Santo, Mr. Carlos Costa is a successful businessman in various branches of activity in the national business scene. It is regarded as a man of vision, who scored his many years of experience in the business to bring his vast knowledge to TelexFree.He is chief executive of the Brazilian branch of TelexFree this great opportunity that was brought to Brazil by the entrepreneur vision of its founder, Mr. James Merrill.To operate within the Brazilian standards, the TelexFree is duly registered with the ANATEL Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency.Be a Client or a Distributor Company TelexFree Many people are becoming customers of the Company TelexFree, that's due the money they are saving on their monthly phone bill. That's because the company operates precisely where people spend most, on their connections, ie when connecting from one carrier to another. Be especially in local and long distance calls.In the Company TelexFree you can register as a Client or as a distributor How do you use customer phone service paying U 49.90 per month, unlimited talking to any landline or mobile phone from any carrier for more than 40 countries  Being Distributor you get a 30 days trial completely for free and by posting your ads you get paid weekly. You can earn the "least" 20 to 100 dollars a week, just by publishing 1 to 5 ads per day on the internet free classified sites.If you want to earn money just by posting ads, you do not need to sell anything or ask anybody to join your network, however if you do, will help you to grow faster. Due to this innovative plan 100 of publishers earn money from TelexFreeEven if you do not want to indicate anyone, you'll only win by "copy and paste" 1-5 ads per day, according to the Central Notice that you have purchased  And best of all is that the company TelexFree  pays you directly into your bank account every dollar already converted into the desired currency. Without any paperwork, simply make the transfer trough your Telexfree account and the money will be available on the next day depending on  your country.TelexFree has no limits Gains The company has made more than 14 millionaires this year And they are continuing to make more and more, dont waste your time join now and take part of this great business.TelexFree is rapidly growing take part now and you will be able to take part with a great company leading marketing.Come join a winning team Be an distributor TelexFREEVisit the page to register.httpwww.telexfree.comClick Here - httpyoutu.beusdqEb1QkqkMore Detail Call Me- 09845777391 09620953013

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