What are the types of Bitumen?

What are the types of Bitumen? Bitumen has a number of applications but its use for construction and maintenance of roads either directly or through asphalt accounts for nearly 90% of all demand. Key bitumen types for road applications including paving grades, cutback bitumen, bitumen emulsions. Hard, oxidized, and blown grades and mastic asphalt are used for paints, sealants, adhesives, enamels, waterproofing, electrical products, flooring materials, back carpet tiles, land, and marine pipe coatings and numerous other non-road applications. Polymer-modified bitumen (PMB) is a recent innovation that is finding growing applications in both paving and non-road applications. Although there are numerous non-road applications for bitumen, they consume small volumes and road paving is the primary application. As a result, infrastructure cuts have significantly impacted global bitumen demand. There are different types of bitumen available with different properties, specifications and uses based on requirements of consuming industry. The specification of bitumen also shows variation with the safety, solubility, physical properties, and durability. To understand the performance of the bitumen when it is on service, the design of the physical properties of the material is highly essential. The standard testing methods are carried out to grade bitumen. The bitumen types regarding its generation source bitumen can be classified into three categories: natural, petroleum asphalt, coal tar pitches: Visit link for more info on bitumen types - https://www.oomsindia.com Blown Bitumen Mixed or Solution Bitumen Emulsion Bitumen Viscosity graded bitumen Performance graded bitumen Penetration graded bitumen Oxidized grade bitumen Polymer Modified Bitumen

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  • 12 November, 2019
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