CALL- 09506476887SWASTIKECOM.COMSPEEDWELL BUSINESS CARE HOUSE à¤&bullा à¤&hellipब तà¤&bull à¤&bullा महाà¤&sbquoपलान    HEAD OFFICE ...........SWASTIK  PUNE                     Welcome to Swastik e-com..................Welcome to Swastik e-comPRE-LAUNCHING&hellipJOIN FREE&hellip&hellip. AND&hellip.. WIN 2.39 CRORES&rsquoS GIFTS.PRE-LAUNCHING&hellipJOIN FREE&hellip& up to Rs.50,000 worth Gold every month. First join free. Don'tmiss it.www.swastikecom.comfor join as a distributer  S45943D for FREE Registration.for join as a costomer  13928 for FREE Registration.To company powerleg FUTURE OF NETWORK MARKETING A GREAT PLANPOWERFUL&hellip..&hellipEXCITING&hellip&hellip.UNIQUE&hellip&hellip.PLANFREE JOINING&hellipFREE  TEMPORARY&hellip&hellip POSITIONEASY & POWERFUL WAY TO MAKE REAL MONEYWITHOUT ENROLLING ANY BODY NO RECRUITING FRIENDS & FAMILYWITHOUT COMPUTER SKILL SINGLE POWER LEG INCOME IT WILL AUTO MATICALLY SALEDEACH & EVERY MAN EARNS  WITH THE COMPANY&rsquoS POWER LEGHIGHER RANK IN PLAN WITHOUT ANY JOINING A SYSTEM WORKS 95 FOR YOUMONTHLY EARNING Rs.18 LAC Products.. 1.Own Product Gallery  Super Bazaar Products           Beauty Products,Domestic Products,Garments - Ladies, Gents & Kids,Religious Product 2. InvestmentMCX Gold Petal,Trading,Gold ETF ,Mutual Fund,Tax Saving Bonds 3. Tour PackageHoliday package,Personal and Official Tours,Car On Rent                                               Railway Ticket Reservation,Air Ticket Reservation 4. Mobile RechargeAny Mobile Recharge 5.JewelleryGold Coins ,Silver items,Diamond Jewellery,Gold Jewellery   6.Insurance,Life Insurance,Health,Motor Insurance,Home Shop Office Insurance 7. Real EstateLease,Residential Houses,Commercial properties,Commercial Land8.Buy and sellResidential,Commercial properties, Land,Farm Land,Project Land   9.Agro ProductSeeds ,Pesticides,Farming Equipments 10.Lawer's club serviceswer's club services   11.Free Ambulance services 12.Free blood donation servicesvices INCOME EIGHT Types of Income 1. BINARY INCOME  2. UNILEVEL INCOME 3.GENERATION INCOME 4.AUTOMATIC INCOME 5.LEAD GENERATION INCOME 6.FRANCHISEE INCOME 7.SELLING INCOME 8.LUCKY DRAW INCOME1st Prize      01  Villa House  Rs. 51,00,000-2nd Prize    03  Gold Coins  Rs. 10,00,000-3rd Prize     05  Luxury Car  Rs. 5,00,000-4th Prize     11  Tata Nano Car  Rs. 1,20,000-5th Prize     21  Plasma TV  Rs. 51,000-5th Prize     21  Plasma TV  Rs. 51,000-6th Prize     51  Laptop  Rs. 21,000-7th Prize     101    Rs. 11,000-8th Prize     251    Rs. 5100-9th Prize    501    Rs. 2100-9th Prize    501    Rs. 2100-10th Prize  1100    Rs. 1100-11th Prize  2100    Rs. 501-12th Prize  5100    Rs. 251-13th Prize  11000    Rs. 101-14th Prize  21000    Rs. 51-Total Lucky Winners  41,245  Rs. 2,39,00,000-Total Lucky Winners  41,245  Rs. 2,39,00,000- www.swastikecom.comfor join as a distributer  S45943D for FREE Registration.for join as a costomer  13928 for FREE Registration.To company powerleg For more detail CALL Sanjay Kumar Vishwakrma  09506476887THANKS   Leads Generation and Evaluation Structure 1.    Independent distributors channels a.       World first combination of LMS based lead generation processes and APS strategies by which our independent distributors can achieve high performance in little efforts.b.       Better combination of independent distributors and customer leads generation processes in network marketing systems which commensurable to the recommended compensation plan.c.        No hard work to follow up frequently because our APS strategies itself keep customer leads as highly self motivated buyers who will be readily excited to buy our products and services.d.       Products selling are faster than other marketing strategies due to enforcement of APS methodology which are enabled to our distributors to generate quality leads.e.        Earning potential to our team leaders and distributors is ever highest in many folds not once but regularly forever and income grow even team growth is zero.f.        Introducing first time &ldquoCustomer Circles&rdquo which are defined as the group of 20 prospective quality leads of customers in and around local area or close group of our distributors and we do the referential selling of products and our distributors earn credits for successfully achievement of 100 active leads.g.        We have the policy to dignify the quality leads as per their capabilities and frequency to purchase the products and services and recognize them as member of &ldquoGolden Customer Circles&rdquo, &ldquoQuality Customer Circles&rdquo and &ldquoPremier Customer Circles&rdquo. Classification of customer circles 1.       Classic Customer Circle                     BU10                   Free Shopping                     Rs. 5000-2.       Golden Customer Circle                     BU 25                 Bonus gold                           Rs. 25000- 3.       Quality Customer Circle                     BU 50                  Bonus Gold                          Rs. 50000-4.       Premier Customer Circle                    BU 125               Bonus Gold                          Rs. 125000- Note Accredited Shopping Units will be the criteria for capping for free shopping and free bonus gold as followsa.       Rs. 500Unit for free shopping will be the ceiling limit in any month.b.       Rs. 1000Unit for free bonus gold will be the ceiling limit in any month. Lead Evaluation Our lead evaluation system automatically assigns a level to the lead based on its importance to your organization. Typically this level is associated with the level of contact from your organization and how quickly your organization contacts the lead. For example, if you had a three level system the responds may be as followsWe adopt auto ranking system to the leads as1.       Cold club leads                            2.       Warm club leads                          3.       Hot club leads                              The evaluation system is customizable and is configured and optimized according to your lead allocation model. Ranking is normally based on multiple factors such as Customer history, budget, and authority and purchase time frame.  Disclaimer·         Free shopping and bonus gold are subject to number of universal units, universal discounts income and number of active leads in the universal pool. The above benefits are the maximum ceiling limits to pay in outstanding cases of 100 process compliance.·         No any guarantee or any commitment for minimum discount benefits in lieu of free shopping or bonus gold benefits.  GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO BUYERS ·         OPPORTUNITY TO EVERYONE WITHOUT WORK & SYSTEM WORK FOR YOU AUTOMATICALLY·         GET LEVERAGED DISCOUNT ON UNIVERSAL SALES TRANSACTIONS·         GENEALOGY REPORT VIEW TO EVALUATE THE OPPORTUNITY  UNIVERSAL DISCOUNT POOL DIAGRAM      Customer Circle FREE BONUS GOLD VOUCHER CLASSIC CUSTOMER CIRCLE FREE SHOPPING VOUCHER UNIVERSAL DISCOUNT POOL QUALITY CUSTOMER CIRCLE PREMIER CUSTOMER CIRCLE DEED POOL IF SHOPPING UNITS < or 10 IF SHOPPING UNITS >15 IF SHOPPING UNITS 125 IF SHOPPING UNITS 50 IF SHOPPING UNITS 20 No any shopping TO ENTER IN DISCOUNT POOL SIMPLY ACTIVATE PERSONAL ACCOUNT BY SHOPPING WITH US AND FIRST BILLED AMOUNT SHOULD NOT LESS THAN Rs. 1000-. ADD MORE UNITS & GO TO UNIVERSAL GENEALOGY VIEW UPGRADE NOW BEFORE OTHERS AND RESERVE SEAT ON TOP                                                                                                                                                                          UNMATCHED FLEXIBILITY TO BUYERS ·         YOU WILL FEEL FULL LIBERTY TO ADD MORE UNITS ON EVERY BILLED AMOUNT TRANSACTIONS.·         ENCREASE FREE SHOPPING VOUCHER LIMIT ON EVERY UNIT ADDITION.·         ACCUMULATE MORE UNITS IN YOUR SHOPPING ACCOUNT AND QUALIFY FOR FREE BONUS GOLD.·         MATCHLESS GUARANTEED GIFT TO HIGH VALUED CUSTOMERS AT THE END OF 12 MONTHS CYCLE.·         SYSTEM WORKS ON THE SEAT ROTATION OF &ldquoTOP AND BOTTOM&rdquo POSITIONS WHICH ALLOW EVERYONE TO FEEL ALWAYS ON TOP IN THE POOL. THAT MEANS TENURE FOR THE RESERVED SEAT IN THE POOL WILL BE 12 MONTHS.   SCIENTIFIC APPROACHES TO ANALYSIS OF CUSTOMER BEHAVIORS ·         WORK WITH NO WORK HABITSHere it is the universal truth that every organization grows due to incredible customer support. But question is that how they support and do the work? Answer is that customers &ldquoWork with no work habits&rdquo in favour of organizational growth. But very amazing fact is that they are fully unaware about their doings in unrecorded formats where there is no practical presence of their contribution to close the deals. Due to their unknown fact they don&rsquot knowo    What they did?o    What they saved publicity cost of organizations?o     How much profit earned by the organization? But in our case our company identified their indirect contributions by which we are growing with speedwell, our associated business partners are growing with speedwell and our distributors also growing with speedwell. Therefore here speedwell means everyone will grow speedily. Therefore we give credit to customers and honor them as ·         RESTLESS BRAND AMBASSADOROur customers work for us every moment i.e. bed time, tea time, travel time, lunch time, office time, party time, dinner time, gossip time, entertainment time, news time that means round the clock and make the great and countless publicity mouth to mouth. Therefore we pay honor to our customers who are our end users as &ldquoRestless Brand Ambassador&rdquo.  To keep their great contribution in the recorded formats, we have developed a unmatched universal pooling system to compensate them and which works automatically for them. First time ever this philosophy itself enabled us to developed automatic product selling strategies based on the lead generation processes and keep them our customer leads forever self motivated to do shopping with us again and again with ever highest frequency. ·         CREDIT TO CUSTOMERDue to the above fact revealed above, we give the credit to our customers that we are growing rapidly and speedily due to their countless support in our publicity via mouth to mouth and hence we compensate them with free shopping voucher and free gold voucher every month for a year. That is only the reason to pay them leveraged universal discount benefit in terms of free shopping vouchers instead of discount benefits on personal shopping. Because personal shopping discount can be given on their build amount but this composite discount shall be given for a prolonged period on the basis of volume generated by the people which are automatically placed under them in the universal pool. FIRST TIME EVEROUR CUSTOMER&ldquoWORKS WITH NO WORK HABITS&rdquo How it works?Free Registration for temporary seat reservation ·         The motivated buyers or customers may register themselves absolutely free and get unique id number and password and may avail services and support from our advisors and distributors team. Universal Downline Genealogy ·         After completion of registration, you will be sitting on the temporary seat on TOP of your downline genealogy where all customers&rsquo leads registered after you by anyone from anywhere in country shall come automatically in single leg power line under you as universal downline genealogy of prospective quality leads of customers.·         This genealogy report supports you to make self decisions to upgrade your position before other by estimation of opportunity benefits in the universal discount pool.·         This genealogy will also develop competitiveness habits among the free registered prospective leads to reserve the seat on &ldquoTOP&rdquo in the universal discount pool. Entry in UDB pool & Reserve your SEAT permanently ·         To enter in to the universal discount bonus pool UDB, you must activate your account by shopping with us as per your choice or any other way guided by your advisor cum distributor and LOCK your SEAT permanently on TOP but immediately before others on First Come Basis.·         If you don&rsquot lock your position before weekly cutoff date, then the people in your downline genealogy can upgrade their position by their account activation before you and they get super seated to you in UDB pool and you will lose the opportunity to earn universal discount benefits from them in future.·         No one can super seat to anyone in any case before weekly cutoff date. Position Up gradation ·         Everyone can upgrade their position by locking first before others and reach on the TOP of previously registered customers on &ldquoFirst Come&rdquo basis followed by the cutoff date.·         To upgrade the position first shopping billed amount should not be less than Rs. 1000- or sum of product units in shopping account should not be less than 0.5 units. Automatic Matrix Filling Procedure ·         The customers who locked their seat after you will be automatically placed under you from LEFT to RIGHT and TOP to BOTTOM in &ldquoAutomatic 2x2 Matrix Filling Area&rdquo in UDB pool. ·         Right side placement will be started after completion of Left Side in any level and thereafter next level placement will start automatically. ·         Automatic Matrix filling will continue to 12 levels or 12 months whichever is earlier. UDB Pool Benefits ·         You will entitled to get the benefits on the basis of universal discount which is based on the &ldquoNo. of Units&rdquo in your personal shopping account and shall remain continue for maximum 12 months or completion of 12 levels matrix filling whichever is earlier.·         The universal discount benefits shall be given as per the unit linked maximum allowable discount Rs. 500 per universal sales orbit in the following terms o   Free Shopping Bonus Ac units 1-10 §  Maximum allowable discount                      Rs. 500unitmonth§  Capping                                                         Rs. 5000month o   Free Bonus Gold Depends on customer classification §  Maximum Allowable Discount                     Rs. 1000unitmonth§  Capping                                              As per customer classifications·         Classic Customer Circle                    Rs. 25000month·         Quality Customer Circle                   Rs. 50000month·         Premier Customer Circle                   Rs. 125000month   Illustration Case 1 Total Calculated Discount Bonus Personal Shopping Account Status and Bonus Allowable Month Universal Units In Left Side Universal Units In Right Side Discount Bonus 500orbit Monthwise Units addition Total Cumulative Units Allowable Free Shopping Limit Allowable Free Bonus Gold Limit 1 10 10 500 1 1 500 0 2 20 20 1000 0 1 500 0 3 40 40 2000 2 3 1500 0 4 80 80 4000 7 10 4000 0 5 160 160 8000 0 10 5000 0 6 320 320 16000 5 15 5000 0 7 640 640 32000 4 19 5000 4000 8 1280 1280 64000 1 20 5000 20000 9 2560 2560 128000 20 40 5000 20000 10 5120 5120 256000 10 50 5000 50000 11 1024 1024 512000 50 100 5000 50000 12 2048 2048 1024000 25 125 5000 125000 Total Calculated Bonus Rs. 2047500 Releasable Bonus Rs. 46500 249000       Illustration Case 2 Total Calculated Discount Bonus Personal Shopping Account Status and Bonus Allowable Month Universal Units In Left Side Universal Units In Right Side Discount Bonus 500orbit Monthwise Units addition Total Cumulative Units Allowable Free Shopping Limit Allowable Free Bonus Gold Limit 1 10 10 500 10 10 500 0 2 20 20 1000 10 20 1000 0 3 40 40 2000 0 20 2000 0 4 80 80 4000 10 30 4000 0 5 160 160 8000 0 30 5000 3000 6 320 320 16000 0 30 5000 11000 7 640 640 32000 0 30 5000 20000 8 1280 1280 64000 20 50 5000 50000 9 2560 2560 128000 50 100 5000 50000 10 5120 5120 256000 25 125 5000 125000 11 10240 10240 512000 0 125 5000 125000 12 20480 20480 1024000 0 125 5000 125000 Total Calculated Bonus Rs. 2047500 Releasable Bonus Rs. 47500 509000    Illustration Case 3 Total Calculated Discount Bonus Personal Shopping Account Status and Bonus Allowable Month Universal Units In Left Side Universal Units In Right Side Discount Bonus 500orbit Monthwise Units addition Total Cumulative Units Allowable Free Shopping Limit Allowable Free Bonus Gold Limit 1 10 10 500 10 10 500 0 2 20 20 1000 10 20 1000 0 3 40 40 2000 0 20 2000 0 4 0 80 0 10 30 0 0 5 160 80 8000 0 30 5000 3000 6 320 320 16000 0 30 5000 11000 7 640 320 16000 0 30 5000 11000 8 1280 1600 80000 20 50 5000 50000 9 2560 2560 128000 50 100 5000 50000 10 640 5120 16000 25 125 5000 11000 11 160 0 0 0 125 0 0 12 2400 1600 80000 0 125 5000 75000 Total Calculated Bonus Rs. 347500 Releasable Bonus Rs. 38500 249000     Illustration Case 4 Total Calculated Discount Bonus Personal Shopping Account Status and Bonus Allowable Month Universal Units In Left Side Universal Units In Right Side Discount Bonus 500orbit Monthwise Units addition Total Cumulative Units Allowable Free Shopping Limit Allowable Free Bonus Gold Limit 1 0 0 0 10 10 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 10 0 0 4 0 0 0 10 20 0 0 5 0 0 0 0 20 0 0 6 2 6 0 0 20 0 0 7 8 4 500 0 30 500 0 8 10 10 500 20 50 500 0 9 20 20 1000 50 100 1000 0 10 30 30 1500 25 125 1500 0 11 60 60 3000 0 125 3000 0 12 120 120 6000 0 125 5000 1000 Total Calculated Bonus Rs. 12500 Releasable Bonus Rs. 11500 1000  Report View Status All customer shall be provided with various reports on the member login area where they can view separate status of their accumulated units in personal shopping account, past order history, current purchase order history, pending order history, universal placement status and free shopping voucher worth as well as calculated bonus statements to keep the transperancy in the entire processes. What is the Revolving System? This is the tool to keep always self motivated buyers and they must feel positive and always as first person on top in the universal discount bonus pool. This is a process of equalization through changing or replaceing the positions in the unversal discount bonus pool where system automatically works for everyone. Under this system, everyone who is on the top will come on the bottom automatically after completion of 12 months from hisher date of account activation. By doing so the person on the bottom will automatically reaches to TOP and will get the highest probability of discount benefits. In the revolving process every customer must reactivate their position with first shopping billed amount as fress customer and will be automatically upgraded to universal discount pool. This recycling process will remain continue forever to pay universal discount life time with excellent equilibrium process.   Terms and conditions 1.      No any monetary benefit shall be given in cash or kind in terms of universal discount but everyone shall be provided with shopping voucher and they can purchase the product on voucher value.2.      The discount benefits shall be continued for maximum 12 month from the date of shopping account activation either 12 level matrix filling is completed or not completed.3.      If 12 matrix level completed before 12 months, then the entitled person will be get paid continuously for maximum allowable period with the applicable limit.4.      In case of bonus calculated zero, no any period will be extended to compensate 12 month to pay. The calculated bonus is zero which is also considered as payment of nothing to pay. But in this unexpected situation company will provide assured gift to the buyers as per their weitage which will be decided at that time and will vary time to time as per needs.5.      This is the offer of opportunity to have self  motivated buyers and excited to do shopping with us in the competitive manners but nothing else to misguiding the peoples. Disclaimer The universal discount benefits are solely subject to processes compliance and are based on the future forcasting of matrix filling status, total units accumulated in their personal shopping account which will vary from customer to customer and therfore there is no any guarantee, commitment or any assurance for the discount on whatsoever units may be in personal account. No any commitment to free shopping and bonus gold to be paid on the basis of your personal shopping units. Your personal shopping units are only for reference to release maximum allowable discount from the calculated unversal benefits. Before completion of the matrix, no any guarantee, warrantee and claims shall be entertained in this regards.     ADD MORE UNITS IN SHOPPING ACCOUNT & GET EXTENDED BONUSES                   

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