Per day Get 30000 15-15 Matching & Every month get 15000 Salary

Dear sir/madam e-commerce and a Direct selling combined entity. Company is an innovative and breakthrough e-commerce business model, of the people , lead by the people. Initiated from India, this model has been proven successful, legal and highly accepted at large by the people of UAE. The Dubai Direct Selling Association, DSA Dubai has recognized this model, which is under the World Federation of Direct Selling Association, USA (WFDSA). Under ecommerce model, quality products would be made available in the website. Direct selling model is applied for organizing customers into a mapped genealogy for benefit sharing among affiliates in the back office. Participation in the affiliation is only an option, selected and decided by customers who choose to generate income thru personal and referral sales. Contact : 8943443842

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  • 20 October, 2021
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