INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR DONATION IFD7 LAUNCH  100 GENINUNE HELP PLAN FOR ALL FRIENDS NO FAKES ID, NO FAKE DONOR, NO REJECTION, 100 GENUINE INTERNATIONAL CONCEPT ROCKING ALL OVER Sponser ID HATHRASIFD7Position  RIGHTMob - 8535010036                                                  BusinessplanCommitment joining  INR 5000 - INR 50000 USD 100 - USD 1000          1 USD 50 INRDaily Income         10 from next day after joining till 20 daysReferral Income    10   Binary Income     10  Binary will be calculated only after you have helped someone. The binary income till date will be flushed.But you will get the referral income.You will get same benefits as above on redonation.Withdrawal Min withdrawal  INR 1000 USD 20Max withdrawal 100 of your commitment amount.Withdrawal of income is possible immediately after you have helped someone.Withdrawal option will be available daily and any number of withdrawal are possible.Prompt Help Bonus If you help others witrhin 48 hours, you will get 10 'Prompt Help Bonus'. Redonation after 20 days for continuation of binary. 

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