MLM Leader Entrepreneur Required for India

Hello Members, One of our esteemed Global MNC Client would like to make an entry in to India MLM arena. Just to sum up our candidate profile – our perfect candidate should: - already manage an own MLM sales structure of min. 1.000 consultants (we assume, that our potential candidate currently is cooperating with one of MLM companies in India), - has experience in MLM sales, - be willing to become a head of our MNC Client in India - be ready to implement the marketing plan and strictly cooperate with our Global MNC Client - be able to register and import Clients products in India. We can also consider an entrepreneur (experienced for instance in import providing), who may invest 50-100- k USD and will find / take any MLM leader with structure by itself and will establish own MLM organization importing and distributing our clients products. Kindly mail me for more details ([email protected]) . I am also available @ 9823129984. Thanks, Regards, S.Hariharan

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  • 05 July, 2015
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