MLM company se DHOKA MAT KHAO'''''''' product based company ' AANJNEE' SE JUD JAO

   Business plan 5000rs a.  Non-Refundable Security deposit     RS.1000 b. Company&rsquos Tour n Travel Package   RS.4000     2 adults   2 kidsbelow 5yrs- 2nights and 3 days free stayJoining benefits a. Per  month  IOP earning Rs.2000 11 months Rs.24000b. Binary and sponsorship àRs.400c. Mobile and DTH recharge,d. Buy air tickets, Play video games, tour  package, FMCG products.e. Lowest Bid for  favourite product.f. 5 generantion plan  Don't loose your hard earney money on ponzee scheme..... any company who is paying you survey amount weekly... what is their source of income....We are product based company we got source of income and we can pay you good returns.   

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