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 First Time in India. No Multi-Level Marketing,  No Network Marketing,  No Pyramid Scheme  No Chain System .  No need for a HUGE list of contacts.  No monthly personal or Group Business volumes.        You earn from multiple streams of income. The concept is so easy, so simple and yet so powerful that you will be kicking yourself for not coming across it earlier.     Welcome to the &ldquoI Hate to Work Hard Yet I Want Money Club&rdquo. You know how many members this club has You will be amazed And THIS BUSINESS is designed just for all the IHWHYIWM Club members.     Ok. Here is the deal. You wont need to have a HUGE contact list  You wont need to bring in more than 23 sales though you can bring as many  You wont need to do any prospecting or cold calling  You wont need to go on making calls and explaining concepts      YET THIS BUSINESS will literally guarantee you a source of secondary income that will go on delivering that EXTRA CASH in your pocket, day after day, week after week and months on end even after you decide to sit back and do NOTHING after bringing in your 2 or maybe 3 sales.  If you do not wish to work after that, dont, but your income will not stop.  We give all the time  We do all the talking with your prospects  We do all the explaining  We do all the selling  We close SALES for you  Just give me your name and contact no. Please provide your name & mobile no.  
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