Life Changing plan- Only One-Time 18 Dollar Payment

Turning a One-Time $18 Payment in to $10,000 in 12 Weeks Or Less IS Possible… The 4 Corners Alliance Group Can change Your Life. Feast your eyes on a sturdy and robust business platform, with products that are the gold standard in the industry, yet accessible to anyone with a burning desire to get more out of life. Be Ready to Discover a Brand New, World-Wide, Home Business. A STRONG 4 x 6 Structure from the 4 Corners Alliance Group WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT THE FOUR CORNERS ALLIANCE GROUP COMPENSATION PLAN? Watch this video below by CEO David Harrison. Watch 4 Corners Alliance Group Compensation plan video Why the Four Corners program has been so successful: 1. Low entry point, only $18.00, Affordable for anyone. This Four Corners Alliance Group opportunity has such a low barrier of entry that is attracting the masses. Simple as that. 2. It is a one-time payment, no further out of pocket expenses. 3. It self funds into higher commissions, by using your commissions automatically to buy the next product level. This gets you into bigger commissions without you having to spend any more money out of your pocket. 4. Excellent Financial literacy products. Four Corners Alliance Group was launched in March of 2013. 5. A genius lucrative compensation plan, that actually works. Spillover-galore, because of the way it is set up. We are crushing this program, whether you get in or not. Put yourself in our Four Corners Alliance Group circle and join today. You will love the 4 Corners Alliance Group Compensation plan. Enjoy Income Streams namely : Affiliate Commissions & Sponsor’s 100% Match on Affiliate Commissions Monthly Starien Digital Marketing Academy, Newsletter Commissions, & Sponsor’s 100% Match on Newsletter Commissions Retail Commission This is how you can make $500,000+ in 6 months through the 4 Corners Alliance Group Compensation Plan Step 1. Join Four Corners Alliance Group for only a one-time payment of $18 2. Invite 4 friends 3. Help them refer 4 people 4. They duplicate process 6 times 5. You Earn $559,824 Month 1: You invite 4 people you earn $16. Your work is done Month 2. Those 4 invite 4 people= 16 people, you earn $64 Month 3. Those 16 sign-up 4 people= 64 people, you earn $640 Month 4. Those 64 sign-up 4 people= 256 people, you earn $6,144 Month 5. Those 256 sign up 4 people= 1,024 people, you earn $61,440 Month 6. Those 1,024 sign up 4 people= 4,096 people,you earn $491,20 A total of $559,824 Now that’s how powerful the 4 Corners Alliance Group Compensation plan is! All you did was to pay $18 and invited only 4 people in your first month and helped them get 4 and you were done. You also earn monthly residual income of up to 76k per month, plus 100% matching commissions from everybody you directly refer. As your 4 sign-ups earn $559,824, you get 100% matching, meaning you earn 4x559k= over 2.2 mill. Do you know an easier, faster and more affordable way to earn over $500,000? Only having to sign up 4 people? Create wealth for your family, never have to work again, get the whole family involved. This is an amazing opportunity. And it’s so simple. Sign up 4 people and your work is done. How easy is that? The products that the 4 Corners Alliance Group sell is a set of Financial Education Literacy e-books which are downloadable in your back office. This is an automated system, it will sell the products for you once you invite 4 people. All you have to do is sit back and relax. Of course you can increase your chances to make more money if you continue to work hard and invite more people. Also in your back office you can keep track of your earnings and view your team’s growth using the genealogy. Also great Customer Support from the company and in the back office is where corporate post news and updates. Why is the Four Corners Alliance Group so successful?… because every one can afford $18 and everybody knows 4 people and it’s simple with no work to do after signing up only 4 people and making sure you help them get 4 of their own. Want to Learn More about the 4 Corners Alliance Group Compensation plan?,…Read more from the corporate website. FRIENDS, IF YOU WANT TO JOIN, PLEASE JOIN THIS LINK-

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  • 29 December, 2014
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