Dear all, Indian MMG members, I would like to introduce a program where you can earn active and passive income. This is going to fully launch in march2011. so this is the best time to join my team. business planYou can opt in for any one of the following packagesBasic INR 15,000Advanced INR 25,000Professional INR 50,000You will get the following with each packUnlimited Email ID&rsquos example .in Unlimited Web Space.Unlimited Web Pages Development We will professionally build the website for you Unlimited Bandwidth.If you take one basic id for Rs 15000, they will create a domain for you and put some ads and do SEO marketing for you and pay you Rs 1500 rental every month for using your site, and every day you will get 3-4 email with links and you have to watch adsfill surveys and for this you will be paid Rs 2500 every month, so in total you will be paid Rs 4000 every month and out of this 10 TDS will be deducted and 5 service charges too. This is Passive side of income, so any one who joins and sit idle can make Rs 3400.00 every month after deductionsso the Passive income is as followsChoose between any of the 3 packages offered and we will pay you the following Lease RentBasic 1500 Lease Rent monthAdvances INR 3000 Lease Rent monthProfessional INR 7000 Lease RentmonthNow let us talk about the Real income which is Binary income and is Huge. For every direct recruit, you get one time income of Rs 1000.00. Rental income you get paid from three levels every month, Rs 50 per month from each of your 1st direct, their 2nd and 3rd level income for basic package.Pair income from binary is what can be huge, this is calculated every week, in this fashion, they take Rs 4500 out of every position for binary calculations.Total Joinings every week x Rs 4500 divided by total no. of Pairs in that week.Last week the binary income was Rs 4500 per pair and this week as on date pair income is Rs 3800.For example let us say total no. of joinings in the entire program in one week is 200 and total no. of pairs in that week is 62, Pair income will be 200x 450062 Rs1451. The minimum pair income will be Rs 1000 per pair and not less than that.So it is highly recommended that you jump into this fast and be ahead of other leaders.Contact me on how to join. and many more lets work together on this concept to make 2011 our best year.www.webpaysu.comvicky       san9304074665

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