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D K SHAHIMASTER FRANCHISEE8960123455VISIONONMARTPassive Income    Land Booking Advance is Rs 4200    Every week you will get a Product Promotion worth upto Rs 700 for 48 weeks    On completion of 4 Product Promotions i.e. 5th week the Product Promotion income will be transferred to payout ewallet, which you may withdraw or use it generate pin or transfer to another distributor    You shall get the Product Promotion on every Wednesday and it will be valid till Monday midnight.    Sponsorer will get 10 of Product Promotion income from every sponsoring. Binary Income    To qualify for binary income, two direct is mandatory, one in left and one in right    First pair with Tail i.e 2 1 or 1 2 ratio will get you Rs 500, there after you will be rewarded Rs 500 on every pair 1 1 ratio    Binary weekly cutoff is Tuesday midnight.    For Binary income you have to complete one sponsoring in your left and one sponsoring in your right leg.    Binary weekly capping is Rs. 75000Direct Income    You get paid direct income 300 Rs.Deductions    10 TDS will be deducted if Pan no is mentioned in the profile, if not 20 will be deducted    5 Serviceadministration charges.

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