Invest Rs.4990 and earn a continues passive income without much efforts

Site Sponsor ID 20049&lsquoOur-e-biz&rsquo works because it is designed to work. The unique S3CPTM Single Step Split Compensation Plan associated with &lsquoOur-e-Biz&rsquo is so powerful that just 2 direct sales through your website will create an unstoppable source of secondary income for you. The first direct sale is a &lsquoQualifying Sale&rsquo. The qualifying sale is sacrificed to your sponsor and the 2nd direct sale opens up your first &lsquoPower Line&rsquo. A power line goes on paying you roll over commissions endlessly, automatically, without your involvement. You can decide to sit back after your 2nd direct sale, the income will still continue to flow. If you wish to earn more, you can continue promoting your &lsquoOur-e-Biz&rsquo system. Every additional direct sale generated will create another power line for you, multiplying your income that many times. That is the power of S3CPTM.  NOT Multi Level Marketing NOT a Chain System NOT a Pyramid or Matrix Scheme NOT a Ponzi Scheme And a &lsquoGet-Rich-Quick&rsquo scheme &ndash definitely NOTThe whole concept is based on a very powerful S3CPTM Single Step Split Compensation Plan,. that is designed to reward you for helping our training programs reach more familiesRAPID GROWTH PLAN RGPRGP brings you very high profitability and how quickly you bring in your first two sales will define how quickly you start your unstoppable source of secondary income.   License Validity Total Cost Your Profit Beginner Lifetime 4990 2150 Starter Plus Lifetime 8490 3650 Intermediate Plus Lifetime 12490 5400 Basic Plus Lifetime 20990 9000 Premium Plus Lifetime 44990 19500 Assisted Growth Plan AGP With AGP, each license carries a validity period and needs to be renewed on or before expiry of the validity by paying a renewal fee to help us to continue assisting you. See the table below for margins and validity of each license with AGP. License Validity Total Cost Your Profit Renewal Beginner 6 Months 4990 1250 1500 Starter Plus 9 Months 8490 2400 2500 Intermediate Plus 12 Months 12490 3650 5000 Basic Plus 18 Months 20990 6050 7500 Premium Plus 24 Months 44990 13050 10000  . Choose the Assisted Growth Plan AGP and we will handle all your prospects We give all the time We do all the talking with your prospects We do all the explaining We do all the selling We close SALES for youSite Sponsor ID 20049 

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