How to Create a Good Case Study Solution?

Case study solutions provide answers to specific problems that are discussed in different case studies. The core purpose of this sort of alignment is to deeply analyze the circumstances and devise possible solutions to prevailing problems. Writing a case study becomes easy when you follow the right approach without distracting from purpose. For instance, the Interco case solution discusses important problems and answers four prominent questions about the company. The following steps can help you write a good case study solution: Identification of Issue The first step to writing an effective case study is to identify problems. Different companies are likely to have different situations. That�s why you need to carefully recognize their problems before discussing solutions. Many students make mistakes in the identification phase and eventually leave a bad impression on readers. Always detect problems wisely so that you can provide possible solutions without missing the core issue. Talk about Major Problems Case studies are not meant to discuss trivial issues. You should talk about major problems that create hindrances in the smooth operations of a company. Issues that don�t become an obstacle to the success of an organization can be overlooked. You are supposed to discuss the main dilemma. Recommend Possible Solutions Once you have correctly identified the major problems, it is time to discuss the possible solutions. Always make wise recommendations based on facts and a proven track record. Give an example of companies that went through the same sort of problem. Tell them how the proposed solution worked for them. You can use evidence where needed. Use a professional tone so that your write-up can have a solid impact on readers. Highlight the Implementation of Solution The proposed solution needs to be implemented correctly to bring the desired outcome. The problem is not supposed to be resolved if the suggested solution can�t take effect properly. Give a detailed plan on how the company can implement the possible solution and avoid potential side effects.

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  • 08 September, 2021
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