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BREAKING NEWS  Brilliant - Google Does Affiliate Marketing This is Global Hangout World Exclusive Just Launched on 15th Feb'2013Global Hangout Team India - Make dreams live through one of the best  internet Opportunity ever seen  before.......Be a Part of Global Hangout Indian Team ,A country of 1.2 billion and Get Huge business support and leverage to make phenomenal income.. Let me share my thoughts about GLOBAL HANGOUT.My first thoughts were &ndash this isn&rsquot something the average person will want, but I soon came to a different conclusion. Let me explain. Everyone loves YOUTUBE Everyone loves VIDEO e-mail Everyone loves the idea of being able to setup FREE video WEBINAR Everyone would love to have FREE programs like WORD, EXCEL , PowerPoint and, and.... Everyone would love to be able to share video, photos and files via their smartphone&hellip. This is just PART of what they can get for FREE using Google The problem is that the average person doesn't know HOW to use these FREE tools &ndash even though they are there&hellip For only 99 one time &ndash people will be given the tools from GLOBAL HANGOUT and learn HOW you use it in such a simple way. This is for EVERYONE&hellip.  The first time I had to use a WEBINAR - I paid 200 a month and NO one to tell me how to use it. Not even the company who sold it to me. I was on my own. NOW - I can get it 100 FREE via Google and I get a SIMPLE training on how to use it  VIDEO E-MAIL is also FREE - imagine a company like TALK FUSION. They charge you BIG time and have a huge success on just one product &ndash video e-mails. Here it's FREE  ALSO - we are using the bandwidth of Google and YouTube, which will not collapse like all other "big" companies, when too many people access at the same time. President Obama had 100.000 people on his last HANGOUT webinar and it worked PERFECT.And there is more . . . Everyone is paying a lot of money for Office packages. With Google it's FREE - and our system will teach you HOW to use it. If you have the Office pack and you do not know how to use it &ndash you will have to pay for the training. These training CD's are sold worldwide for a lot of money. GLOBAL HANGOUT is a complete 1-2-3 training system and will teach you how to use these FREE services. This training system is 99 onetime. It&rsquos made so simple that any person will be able to learn how to use these tools. Because it&rsquos made simple the average person is willing to pay for this service. HOW ELSE could they learn how to use it ? ON TOP of all this - they have simple marketing tools, landing pages and personal replicated website for those who want to create a business. The average person will want to recommend this to their friends, when they see the benefits This is not only for the networkers - it&rsquos for the masses.Also - GLOBAL HANGOUT has a system - "GET 3 and yours is FREE". Everyone pay 99 and if they recommend it to 3 they are FREE. An average person will want to earn back their own investment, so they will do their best to find 3 people. A networker will recommend much more than 3 people, and they are already doing so.  Hundreds of thousands of people are joining GLOBAL HANGOUT and we have not even started. Four billion people use Google and a lot of them want to take advantage of all these FREE tools. Make sure YOU tell them how. Recommend GLOBAL HANGOUT to your friends - before some else does. Please look at the 10 minutes video Global Hangout in 10 minutesThere is a recorded video conference as well. VERY GOOD. httpglobalhangout.comindex.phpnews  Global Hangout 3 Minute Overview Global-Hangout-Short-3-minute-Video Compensation Plan &ndash Explained by Bruce Founder 1-29       httpswww.freeconferencecallhd.complayback.html?n-17-65-6787713-17-65-67460-17-65-67103-17-65-67-17-65-6711347-17-65-67-47-1023B0MTkxNjIyNTc3D1 Feb 8th Conference Call    httpswww.freeconferencecallhd.complayback.html?n-17-65-6759-17-65-67171095-17-65-67-17-65-6786-17-65-67555244-17-65-6726-17-65-670MTkxNjIyNTc1  Comp plan info.  httpglobalhangout.comindex.phpaffiliate-income   JOIN NOW... no credit card require yet httpswww.cs4000.netGlobalHangoutenrollsignupform.asp? ID60389For Top Position and detail callNabinFounder Global Hangout Team India91 

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