TBC (THE BILLION COIN) & KRINGLE CASH, Get 25,000 FREE KRINGLE COINS. { Value = 21,00 USD +} TBC is a Cryptocurrency or Digital Money that appreciates by 2% per day How can I get the Free 25,000 kringle to my TBC wallet? Just Sign up for Free Account and Create your TBC wallet Steps to follow 1. Click on the above link . 2. Clock on the mobile Image . 3 Click on : Give me my gift now: 4. Will be. Open sign up form . 5. Here, input your Full Name, Username, Email address, Country, Email ,password 5. Click on submit Please go to your email (spam folder) and click on Activation / Confirmation code You will earn 25,000 Free Kringle Coins. *1 Billion Kringle* = 1 TBC *1 TBC* = 1 billion Kringle (1, 000,000,000) THIS OFFER WILL PUT YOU ON THE PATH OF BECOMING A MILLIONAIRE AND A MEMBER OF THE TBC COMMUNITY. TBC REGISTRATION PROCESS *PLEASE FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW TO RECEIVE YOUR FREE GIFT* 1. Go to and click on Register Steps to follow 1. Enter your Full Name 2. Enter your Username 3. Enter your Email Address 4. Select your Country 5. Enter Password of Email Address and Confirm 6. Click on sign-up Go to your email and click on Activation/Confirmation code. 2. Please visit to create a Web Wallet. Here, Click on Start Now or Sign Up Steps to follow 1. Enter same email you used in registering on the homepage 2. Enter same password and confirm 3. Check I'm not a robot (follow prompts) 4. Click on Sign Up Please go to your mail and Confirm Select and answer Security question. Keep the answer safe. 3. NOW CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO RECEIVE YOUR FREE GIFT To claim your FREE 25,000 coins which will be worth $25,000 US Dollars in around 12 month . NOTE* You will also have to return to your email *inbox* to verify every link send and *Sign in*. The email usually ends up in the *SPAM/JUNK* Folder. So please check there if you can't find in your *inbox.* *VERY IMPORTANT* Please write down *ALL* your login information and keep safe in a place you will remember for future reference. Also, do not allow *ANYONE* to get access to your login information for your *TBC WEB WALLET* as they could steal all your *TBC* from you. Having completed the above steps correctly, a gift of 25,000 Kringle will be credited into your TBC account (wallet). Use this link to login and see the free Kringle Cash which has been credited in your TBC wallet This is a global Digital Currency like Bitcoin, and you can exchange it for cash in your currency, British Pounds sterling (£) or Euros (€) after its maturity. No money out of pocket needed to sign up and become an investor. Get it for free now while promo last. Start sharing NOW! Share The Love Of Abundance To All. Okay ,Good Luck !!! Note :- Current Price --1 TBC = 72,41,256 € ( EURO )

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  • 28 May, 2018
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