100 BONUS VALID FOR 5TH MAY 2013WHAT IS &ldquoSECRET TO GET RICH&rdquo  Join Free Please send your Name, Email and Mobile No.  08511748590Welcome to Secret To Get Rich, I know all of you are waiting to know what exactly is the Secret To Get Rich. I will like to make it very clear that this is not a get QUICK RICH SCHEME or any type of Networking Company.     , This is a simple MUTUAL AID SYSTEM. Till Date We all have worked for many companies, we have used our credibility to generate business for these companies.   But we have always got LIBILITY in return. By NOW we have evolved from a Networker to Leader & Leader to C.M.D of Your Own Company. , ..   During this journey from a Networker to C.M.D We have always got one thing & that is LIBILITY. .. .Now I assume that all or maybe most of you have been through this phase of working for other companies and OR have failed miserably in your own venture as C.M.D , So instead of wasting our energies in different direction when all our GOAL is same. , , Why not use our energies in same direction. I hope by now you have understood what I mean to say&hellipNow I will explain how Secret To Get Rich is going to work. You all must be aware of Trading BUY & SELL , , Now you must be thinking, what to trade & how I am going to benefited from this system ? ?BUY means GIVE HELP to someone & SELL means GET HELP from someone, We have &ldquoCredence&rdquo ourSecret To Get Rich currency just like our regular currency. &ldquo&rdquo , , Our Mutual Trading Commodity &ldquoCredence&rdquo will grow at 30 for 30 Days Deposit 40 for 60 Days Deposit & 60 for 90 Days Deposit , Just like other currency &ldquoCredence&rdquo have two different exchange rates, one for selling & one for buying &ldquo&rdquo , Each participant can &ldquosell&rdquo or &ldquobuy&ldquo CREDENCE, according to the &ldquorates&rdquo. &ldquoPurchase&rdquo and &ldquosale&rdquo of CREDENCE are carried out by special automatic software on the official website. &ldquo&rdquo The limits for deposit of funds for each participant is minimum 1000 INR to maximum 100 000 INR at a particular time. One person can have only one ID on his name. , Your CREDENCE deposits are confirmed only after you transfer full 100 amount deposited &ndash to another participant. , Participants are given guidance and help in SECRET TO GET RICH by their managers, who in fact control their own teams. Over the ten&rsquos manager &ndash is a hundred&rsquos manager, Over the hundred&rsquos manager &ndash is a thousand&rsquos manager, Over the thousand&rsquos manager &ndash is a CORE TEAM MANAGER and INDIA CO-ORDINATOR , .. -  The System consists of two main buttons GIVE HELP Buy CREDENCE and GET HELP Sell CREDENCE. The moment you register, you press the GIVE HELP Buy CREDENCE button, which means you agree to transfer your money as per request. , &ldquo &rdquo &ldquo &rdquo &ldquo &rdquo , When you want to Get Help Sell CREDENCE, you press the GET HELP button. If participant didn&rsquot buy CREDENCE within two weeks after registration &ndash ID will be automatically deleted from the System. First the System calculates the amount of requests for payments GET HELP button. And then, as per these calculations it will send request for transfers RANDOMLY to the participants GIVE HELP button. Not necessarily, a request for transfer may or may not occur within a month. &ldquo &rdquo , &ldquo &rdquo As per the request of the System, a participant MUST transfer money WITHIN 48 HOURS, from his personal account to the account of the specified participant. Also, the System gives more hours if it is a week-end or holiday. In case the participant refuses to transfer the money as per the System&rsquos request &ndash this particular participant will permanently be DELETED from the System. The particular request is forwarded to another participant.   , Since This is a Mutual Social Financial Structure, There is no owner to this system, We all own this system but for Administrative purpose We have appointed CTM &ldquoCore Team Manager&rdquo , CTM &ldquoCore Team Manager&rdquo Will manage and develop the community of like minded people, who willingly join this system of Financial Mutual Aid without any commitments or liability on them. , , As a CTM &ldquoCore Team Manager&rdquo You will be eligible for 20 Manager Bonus in advance in your E-wallet which will be released against The GIVE HELP request of your entire Team Work. - , &ldquo &rdquo Selected  CTM &ldquoCore Team Manager&rdquo will get 1 Lac Verified &ldquoCredence&rdquo in there wallet Which shall be released against the VERFIED GIVE HELP requests .. &ldquo &rdquo &ldquo&rdquo - &ldquo &rdquo All CTM&rsquos who en-cash the 1st Assignment of 1 Lac Advance Credence from there on will Receive 2 Lac Advance Verified Credence, These VERIFIED &ldquoCTM&rdquo shall receive 1 Crore Verified Credence in parts on en-cashing previous advance. &ldquo&rdquo CTM&rsquos Business volume is counted on his total Downline Business. Till Unlimited Depth &ldquo &rdquo CTM shall be eligible for Team Bonus as Below  20 Advance En-cashed against entire team volume Direct Sponsors 2, 2nd Generation 1 ,3rd Generation 0.5, 4th Generation 0.25,5th Generation 0.01 Till Unlimited Depth , , ., . .Referral &ldquobonus&rdquo is a &ldquobonus&rdquo which a participant will receive for each new participant he introduces to the System. Referral &ldquobonus&rdquo is 10 from the amount deposited. , &zwj Member is eligible for Downline Referral Bonus Only when he becomes 10&rsquos Manager  as below Direct Referral 10, 1st Generation 5 , 2nd Generation 2 , 3rd Generation 1 , 4th Generation 0.5 , 5th Generation onwards 0.1 , Unlimited Depth , , , , . . RIGHTS to Join NEW Member is initially  given to &ldquoC.T.M&rdquo Who in return will appoint 10&rsquos manager, Once the Member becomes 10&rsquos Manager he will have RIGHT to add new member. , There is Going to be Regular Deposit Bonuses announced for New & Old members Of SECRET TO GET RICH. LAUNCHING BONUS IS 100 This is ONE TIME OFFER FROM SECRET TO GET RICH Contact Core Team Manager from your region to JOIN US  Plase send your NAME, Mobile No. and E-Mail. 08511748590 

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