Darwin Platform Group of Companies

  1. To become a Member and to act as agent on behalf of the Company the person has to remit a fees of Rs. 1000 Each and a debenture of Rs. 10,000/- per unit.

  2. PAN Card is mandatory for every member.There will be multiple ID´S will be allotted on one pan card no restriction.

  3. Level Based Plan 6% commission will be payable on  27 levels

  4. Income level as follows. a.)1st level:- 1.25%  b.) 2nd level:-1.0%  c.) 3rd level :- .50%  d.) 4th - 5th level :- .20%  e.) 6th -10th Levels:- .15%  f.)11th - 20th Level:- .10% g.)21st - 26th Level:- .15%  h.)27th Level:- .20%.

  5. After Completion of the online registration he will be a registered member of the Company.

  6. A member can make Maximum 10000000 on 1 unit 10000 rs ( Payout release every 15 days )exceeding the there will be no provision for commission..

  7. Rate of interest is up to 10%off invested amount Rewards will be paid in 20 months.

  8. The investors must buy minimum 1units of NON-CONVERTIBLE REDEEMABLE SECURED DEBENTURES of Rs. 10000each. He has to pay additional Rs. 1000 as an administrative charges which is non refundable to the investors.

  9. Delivery of certificates will happen in 25 working days off debentures and / or services shall be affected on execution of necessary documents compliance of terms and conditions attached there with and on receipt of the total consideration in respect of such products/ services.
    Taxes / cess or any other levy as well as the stamp duty charges or incidental charges there to in respect of any transaction between the applicant and the company or between the applicant or any other third party shall be borne by the applicant alone.

  10. DEATH BENEFIT: - In case of the death of the Applicant the nominee will get the full total payable value after the end of the period & Medical Insurance for accidental claims.
    The company may, on being satisfied that is is necessary and expedient to do so, modify and of the terms and conditions of this present and such modified term and conditions shall be binding on all the applicant . Such modified terms and conditions shall be notified by the company by displaying at its notice board and / or through the agent and / or by post to applicant.
    For the benefit of the applicant, the company shall intimate the details of new products / service from time to time by display at the notice board of the company and / or by post of applicant. The applicants will be kept informed the progress / development about the product to be purchase by such applicant.Appointment of Arbitrator will be doone by the company in Delhi and the location of arbitationwill be Dellhi. In case of any dispute between the company as regarding interpretation of or exercise of ant term of this presents. The opinion of the company shall prevail. However if any applicant is aggrieved by such decision, the decision may be referred to one arbitrator appointed by the Company and the proceedings will be conducted with the provisions of "Arbitrator and Conciliation Act, 1996" in Delhi. The award given in those proceeding shall be final and binding on the parties.



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