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Just pre launch JUST LAUNCH..... FREE...FREEE...FREE *GIVING 1622 RS ON SIGNUP BONUS* First time In India you can earn upto Rs.10000 to Rs.50000 at home, without any investment. Join Digital India Scheme by PM.Modi, and you can earn money up to 50000 per month. The worlds first business which you can do by using FACEBOOK and WHATSAPP. Dear MLM leaders...... DO SOMETHING OR DO NOTHING...... But earn money by only joining..... YES thats right.....only join and get joining bonus of Rs.1622/- Dont you trust right now...then be practical...... We have an offer which is DO NOTHING AND GET MONEY..... _______________________________________ *?One & Only Joining Income -* If we have to distribute Rs.1622/- per Joining and everyone Join 10 Members at this will be the Payout chart. _______________________________________ Lvl__ Team__ Co.%_ Total Income(?) _______________________________________ 1__ 10______ 18%__ 2,919 2__ 100_____ 16%__ 25,952 3__ 1 K_____ 14%__ 2,27,080 4__ 10 K____ 12%__ 19,46,400 5__ 1 L_____ 10%__ 1+ Cr. 6__ 10 L____ 8%___ 12+ Cr. 7__ 1 Cr____ 6%___ 97+ Cr. 8__ 10 Cr___ 4%___ 600+ Cr. 9__ 100 Cr__ 2%___ 3000+ Cr. _______________________________________ *Upcoming Income -* *1. Joining Ultra Income* *2. Joining Plus Income* *3. Joining Pro Income* CONDITIONS... 1-You cant redeem user joining income immidetely. 2-The income of joining of user is depentant upon companys particular income... 3- E.g. user earned Rs.10000/- by doing any task, then on that Rs.10000/- 2% amount will be deducted from joining income then it will add to particular income which is earned by user and then user can redeem joining income. WITHDRAWL / REDEEM OPTION- ? ONLINE BANK TRANSFER ? MONEY ORDER ? CHEQUES ? PAYU ? PAYTM Then what are you thinking about......earn money by using FACEBOOK AND WHATSAPP. How to start DARSHPUN BUSINESS.... 1- First start browser on your smatphone or laptop or computer.. 2- Type in search box 3-It will show SIGN UP link:- Click on SIGN UP...then it will show SIGN UP FORM.. 4-Fill that sign up form properl. 5-*You have to put sponser id*:- *DP-2296* 6-After submitting sign up form you will get your REFERENCE ID. USE SPONCER ID:- DP-2296 ANY MORE DETAILS- Company Details- Company Name: “ M/s. Darshpun Ultraplus Digitech (P) Ltd.” Company Address: At. Satral, Post. Songaon, City. Rahuri (413711), Dist. Ahemadnagar, Maharashtra. India. Mr. Darshan Wakchaure “ M/S. DARSHPUN ULTRAPLUS DIGITECH PRIVATE LIMITED” call :8484833172 MOB/whatsapp: *7083407992*

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  • 22 January, 2016
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