About- The Rich Crowd, Features, Key Points, And Many More.

About- The Rich Crowd, Features, Key Points, And Many More.

In the domain of The Rich Crowd, every financial transaction is meticulously carried out using KSN tokens to ensure unparalleled transparency and efficiency. A significant portion of the token distribution, amounting to 80%, is allocated towards the nurturing of our inaugural operational model alongside an energy bonus. An additional 15% is dedicated to the enhancement of our auto pool levels, underlining our commitment to rewarding our members for their active participation and unwavering dedication.


Furthermore, it is imperative to highlight the critical role of our token-burning mechanism. This process entails the permanent removal of 5% of KSN tokens from circulation with every transaction. This strategic reduction in supply serves to fortify the value of KSN tokens, thereby cultivating a sustainable ecosystem conducive to long-term growth. Remarkably, within a single cycle of The Rich Crowd's operations, an astonishing 80% of KSN tokens are eliminated, reinforcing our dedication to maximizing community value.



We cordially invite you to join The Rich Crowd by initiating your membership with a mere purchase of $35 worth of KSN Tokens. This nominal entry fee provides you with the keys to a realm of decentralized wealth and prosperity, offering an unparalleled opportunity to be an integral part of a community at the forefront of reshaping the financial landscape. Embark on this journey now to unleash the full potential of KSN Token. We have more upgrade slots for you such as $40, $70, $225, $675, $4725, $23625, and many more. 



  • Direct Farmer-to-Buyer Marketplace: This feature streamlines transactions between agricultural producers and buyers, effectively removing intermediaries and substantially increasing the profit margins for farmers.


  • Transparent Supply Chain: Leveraging blockchain technology, the platform ensures an immutable and transparent ledger of transactions, empowering all stakeholders with the capability to trace the journey of agricultural commodities from their origin to the consumer.


  • Tokenization of Farmland and Livestock: The Rich Crowd offers groundbreaking financial avenues by facilitating the tokenization of tangible assets such as farmland and livestock. This innovation offers farmers a novel pathway to access capital.


  • Instant Transactions: By circumventing the delays traditionally associated with banking transactions, the platform ensures instantaneous financial exchanges, enhancing operational efficiency.


  • Smart Contracts: The deployment of automated digital contracts guarantees secure and streamlined transactions between agricultural producers and purchasers, fostering a trust-based ecosystem.


  • Accessibility: The Rich Crowd serves as a bridge connecting rural producers with the urban market, thereby promoting inclusivity within the agricultural sector.


Empowering Farmers with THE RICH CROWD


Farmers benefit directly from immediate payment for their produce, thereby receiving rightful compensation for their labor-intensive efforts. This initiative supports financial inclusion by providing access to essential financial services such as credit and insurance to farmers who are traditionally excluded from the banking system. Additionally, by connecting farmers with a global market, The Rich Crowd significantly expands their revenue potential and market reach. The inherent transparency of blockchain technology plays a pivotal role in minimizing the risk of fraud within this ecosystem.


Token Functions


  • Tokenization of Agricultural Assets: At the heart of The Rich Crowd's offerings is the tokenization of agricultural assets, thus empowering farmers with financial autonomy and alternative funding sources.


  • Direct Cryptocurrency Marketplace Connecting Farmers and Buyers: This decentralized marketplace allows for the direct listing and sale of tokenized agricultural products by farmers to buyers across the globe, eliminating middlemen and maximizing profits. Buyers, on their end, benefit from enhanced transparency and authenticated product origin.


  • Secure Transactions with Smart Contracts: The adoption of smart contracts ensures that transactions between buyers and farmers are secure, transparent, and executed promptly upon meeting agreed terms, significantly reducing the risk of fraud.


  • Decentralized Leadership and Community Participation: The governance of KSN Token is decidedly decentralized, enabling token holders to engage in the decision-making processes. This community-centric approach ensures a high level of fairness, accountability, and transparency, as stakeholders collaboratively influence the platform’s direction and growth.


We extend an invitation to you to join The Rich Crowd, embarking on a path to financial freedom and empowerment. Seize this opportunity to elevate your wealth potential within a decentralized revolution that recognizes no limits.



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  • 16 April, 2024
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