Earn Rs.10000 to 25000 per month

Well I am planning to introduce you A website, this is a site from international branded company, and they are the number one shopping site in world. Yeah they are maintaining this home based jobs site. Normally the internet earning sites are having the policy of lottery or some illegal workBut this is not a work like Luck or lottery They are requiring full and fully man power and intelligence Ya, they are paying only for correct work For example, you can find the top picture this is my screen shot of my past five days work and my account pageActually this website is working just like a broker If a company needs to finish a work they are post these work in this website they calling as a Requester and they normally are fixing a rate per work. The worker finishing this work and getting the reward Actually they are offering no minimum rate but a hit rate is availing at least 0.03 and many hits rate are above 5. Mostly we can earn 2 per hourWhat kind of work-1. Normally many hits are related to &lsquofind in internet&rsquo. They give a website and request you to find the contact address or email address Normally they are paying 0.03 - 0.08 per work I think it is easy to you2. Writing articles about a product This is the high value hits, yes, they requiring a fresh article from worker with 300 or 500 word articles This is calling review, and they are paying 1 - 5 per hits, this is the key to maximize the earning3. They are offering sign up offers, some new website or software companies are requiring new users so they are offering to pay the amount for sign up with them Normally they are paying 5 - 8 per work But these works are availing very rareYou can find my last twenty five days work I am also new to this site but I already got a payment from this site in just twenty days the amount is 150 7687.50 Indian rupees. This is my one month income from nature work.Just watch the rounded figure This is my best work, I was just spent a four hours to reach this amount because that was a good hit Many easy hits are availingPayment Method-Normally they are paying via direct deposit to your bank account if you are a USA member You need to enter the Tax number If you are non USA member you can withdraw your fund via check payment to your postal address in your own local currency, they are converting to your local country currency at present exchange rate If you are an Indian, you need to post the identify proof for receive the payment They are asking this for first payout only. You can upload Passport, PAN Card or Voter ID.Normally this website deducting 4 as a charge for every payment request. They are paying via city bank cheque in local country currency This cheque is reaching within two week from request dateI can tell you about the website and I will create account for you and whole process of work, but it has a cost 2500.00 INR. After getting the payment, your all data related to this home based jobs will be delivered with in 48 hours in you mail id. If you are interested then call me or mail me.Mobile &ndash 07870578861Email &ndash ssanirsagmail.comHappy earning

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