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Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook?
Have you ever thought that you would be able to earn through Facebook? And the best thing - you dont need any money to join!!!
What does it involve? For example:
- Filling out a survey
- Filling out web forms
- Watching a video
- Visiting a website
- Answer a few questions from the questionnaires, etc...
And these are just a few examples of tasks for which you can be paid. You can earn from 500 USD to more than 1500 USD per month.
So why not to fulfill the mindless hanging on Facebook
by earning several hundred dollars a month ...
The name of this project is GetPaid.Social!
Attention! Without investment!!! Its totaly free to join!
We started 7. 12.! But everything is now working and you can still join for free and start making money with us!!! There is a possibility to be a premium member and earn more. Payouts will be sent to Paypal account .
Join here: http://getpaid.social/share/Jan1979
Please: fill email and confirm - login fb - enter confirmation link in your email - fill your profill - join to facebook group
Very important after registration: fill up your profile in your back office (it´s on the top right - click on your icon picture), join the official facebook group (you can join from your backoffice too - you find it left in your back office) - this is important for all information from GetPaid.Social.
Sign in: http://getpaid.social/members
Important is to create web application - in the official group is a video how to do it. It´s important and necessary for tasks where you should share something. I think it´s easy. This video you can find in your back office, too. There are 6 small squares in the blue line up. You click on it and then you have to click USER PROFILE and then SETTINGS and SETUP - then you can see this video.
For more info you can write to email: jan.rajcok@seznam.cz or I can send you more information after your registration to this great project - we are the only one in the world, so we have big potencial!!!
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