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Seed ball is the process of mixing soil, dung manure and vermicompost, placing the seeds in the mixture and holding it in a ball to dry it. As long as the seed balls receive rainwater and grow, the seeds are safe. The internalized seeds are Aal, Gharva, , Poovarasu, Bungan, Neem, Sandalwood

Throw seed balls on Near river, ponds, stream banks, temple sites, national and state highway sides, nearby forest areas, unused government lands and moist places. Do not use this ball with tree seeds where there is agricultural land. The seed in the seed ball is safe from insects, ants and birds. Whenever they get rain water, they start sprouting.

If there is enough water and sunlight, the seed balls will begin to germinate. Seed balls can be used in any area where seeds can grow. The seeds in such balls will start germinating in suitable weather. We are well aware of the necessity of trees. Forests and trees are decreasing, so we are experiencing a drastic change in climate. Each of us has a responsibility to change this. Forests are all created by birds, wild animals and water currents. Similarly we can make a small change in 3 to 5 years by sprinkling seed balls all over our country.

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  • 30 August, 2022
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