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American Heart Care Capsule is a proprietary herbal blend formula which is known to help maintain a healthy heart and vascular functions. This product is known to help normal platelet function and relieves temporary frustration Acai Juice is perfect immunity booster which is comprised of 21 fruits including Acai berry which may help the human body nutritionally to have a strong immune system & promote healthy cell growth.Experts say manufacturing the American Anti Diabetic capsule is a unique combination of herbs which are scientifically proven for herbal treatment of Diabetes. This Anti Diabetic capsule not only controls blood sugar or glucose levels in the body to better control this disease but also reduces side effects caused due to this problem, such as cardiovascular diseaseEach drop of Anti Addiction Drops is a proprietary blend of ancient herbs which are internationally known to help in quitting alcoholtobaccosmoking gradually by eliminating all craving for these addictions

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