Desert Safari Abu Dhabi - AED 60 Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Tours 2023

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi - AED 60 Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Tours 2023

Experiences of the breathtaking UAE desert are the focus of Desert Safari Dubai. See the most daring acts and the orange sunset. Several packages are available from the tour operator. The tallest dune in Dubai was so named because of the hue of the photos it contained. During the early-morning desert safari Abu Dhabi, visitors can witness a breathtaking sunrise over the vast terrain. To travel through the desert in the manner of those who have lived there for ages, camel riding is an option. After a thrilling ride over the desert in the evening, the safari stops so you may savour a traditional Arabian meal.


• Cultural activities with Desert Safari Dubai

Enjoy an overnight where you can gaze at the open sky after a night of entertainment with music. Traditional clothes are available allowing you to immerse yourself in a cultural adventure with abu dhabi city tour.


Dubai City Tour From Abu Dhabi organizer provides the facility of picking you up and dropping you off anywhere in Dubai. You'll be guaranteed unsurpassed vistas, and create memories 

To last a lifetime. Soar across the dunes with Balloon Adventures Dubai or enjoy life in the desert with the 

Al Marmoom Bedouin Experience and  dune buggy abu dhabi.

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  • 14 April, 2023
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