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  Name SAHIL Leader Mobile No. 08233279102 A great carrear and Business Opportuninty is here DARWIN PLATFORM GROUP OF COMPANIES, A grouphaving all legal and international Certification and a net worth of Rs. 18000 crores And a STOCK LISTED COMPANY, Having NBFC License and RBI and ROC Certificate and running in LIfe Insurace, Finance, Mass Media, Infrastructure, Airlines and Gold & Mining Business. With all this we open a sound and safe investment portfolio for everyone www. Darwinpgc.net How To Join? Minimum investment 10,000 rs or multiple  1000 rs for account opening fee.  Only one ID is allowed for an individual. PAN card is must for every one.  TOP UP--is allowed any time, upto any limit, minmum10,000 or multiple.  Tenure of Investment is 5 years.  INTRODUCTORY OFFER FOR 7 DAYS FROM 1ST TO 7TH FEB  GOLD COIN WORTH 2GM 24 CARAT FOR THOSE WHO OPENS HISHER ACCOUNT  WITH MINIMUM BALANCE OF 5 LAC OR MORE.  Annual Profits on investment   9 p m for first 12 months Then 7 p m for next 12 months Then 5 pm for next 12months Then 3 pm for next 12 months   Then 1.5 pm for next 12 months   Referral's Level Commission    1st level Commission - 3 pm 2nd Level Commission- 2 pm 3rd Level Commisssion- 1 pm 4th level Commission- 0.50 pm 5th level  to 10th  Level Commission- 0.25 pm 11th level to 25th Level Commission- 0.15 pm   26th level to 29th Level Commission- 0.25 pm   FEB - MARCH CONTEST  LAST DATE 3132012 5 lac Matching total Team Business min 10 lac, You win Laptop. 10 lac Matching total Team Business min 20 lac  You win Thailand Tour. 30 lac Matching total Team Business min 60 lac  You win Motorbike. 50 lac Matching total Team Business min 1 Cr  You win Hyundai Eon. 80 lac Matching total Team Business min 1.6 Cr You win Renault Pulse. 1.6 cr Matching total Team Business  min 3.2 Cr  Xuv 500 Car.   3.5 cr Matching total Team Business  min 7 Cr BMW Car X1.     Awards revived on each quarter with new targets and features.   Trimming is applicable on different slabs of commissions If your commision cross the limit of 5 lacs per month 10 trimming applied 15 trimming if commision cross 15 lacs per month on 1 ID. CAPPING IS APPLICABLE AT 30 LACS PER MONTH ON EACH ID. ACTIVE STATUS--for regular level commision each distributor need to sponsor atleast one direct ID in each quarter. Royalty For Advisory Board To get elgible for this board you need to achieve the capping limit for your ID and minimum matching business of  10 cr in a month.   If companys fresh business in a month exceeds more than 5 crores then 1 of toal fresh business will be distributed among all royality achievers.   Terms & Conditions Payouts and Profits are paid on monthly basis. All the commission will  follow all the  RBI Guidelines, Income Tax and CBDT tax Laws for  payout of commission & Interest. Matching Has to be  done at the  least Minimum level to get the  rewards. Bank Details- Kindly make a payment on the following Companys Name Mode Of Payment- DDPORTGSNEFTCHEQUETRANSFER. Company Name- Darwin Platform Infrastructure limited. Account No- 911020010187314 Bank - Axis Bank Branch Name- MUMBAI RTGS & IFSC CODE- UTIB0000341   For further inquiries contact us at SAHIL, 08233279102

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