Camel Life, Inc. -USA-

Camel Life is an emerging innovative manufacturer of camel milk personal care products, cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals all made with pure, natural camel milk and organic ingredients. We are migrating from an ecommerce platform to a Network Marketing platform in June, 2017 with the addition of more than 12 new and innovative products. We are seeking a key MASTER DISTRIBUTOR to join our company and lead our growth in the UAE and Middle East. We will establish a support office in Dubai as we grow the system. Experienced MLM leaders should apply. This position would be the only top line position within our unilevel comp plan in the middle east. For more information please contact: Robb Heering, Esq. Camel Life, Inc. (USA) +1 (561) 312-1226 [email protected]

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  • 24 April, 2017
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