Are you looking for IVF Training Courses to get certification course?

We offer you one-on-one hands on IVF training and hands on workshops. Individuals might be uncovered to the latest in clinical and laboratory advances in Assisted Reproductive Technology. Medical topics like ovarian stimulation in various protocols, Mini-IVF, natural Cycles, fertility maintenance in most cancers patients, In-vitro maturation, IVF within the medically complex patient etc. Furthermore we also discuss lab topics such as: IVF/ICSI, IUI, Andrology Course, IVM, Oocyte Vitrification, ovarian tissue freezing, Testicular Sperm processing, and Time Lapse etc. For the comfort of the NRI participants, along with the course, we have organized the Paying Guest accommodation, canteen facility, meals. We have designed our course particularly for doctors interested by the evolving area of reproductive medicinal, for gynecologists, for professionals in reproductive medicine and for embryologist who wish to amplify their knowledge. For more info Visit:

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  • 15 February, 2019
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